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I swear, sometimes I think DH has disengaged too

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DH seriously either just doesn't give two craps, or is completely uninterested in doing ANYTHING resembling parenting, because he just is not the business at all these days. I know he heard SS12 get up and go to the bathroom, then leave without flushing the toilet...because he SAID he heard it! But did he tell SS12 to go flush it? Nope! The pee is still sitting in the toilet as we speak. I'd say something, but then I'd definitely be the wicked step-mother for being so negative by deigning to tell SS12 what to do. Later when we're downstairs after they leave, and we're watching TV, when he goes to the bathroom, he will have forgotten about it, and then he'll be mad. He also knows that I require at least PANTS to be worn to the breakfast table because 1) we are not animals here, and 2) I don't want to look at SS12 walking about in his threadbare boxers that I'm sure haven't been changed since God knows when. Both he and DH know this, but yet he still comes upstairs only in his underwear, and still DH says nothing. This I had to say something about, so I told him to please put some clothes on because eating and nudity do NOT go together. Then there's SS14, who apparently thinks he can be disrespectful to adults, as he has been all weekend, but this, again, is pretty much allowed since DH (and BM for that matter) can't be bothered to actually parent. Now, I KNOW where he gets it from because I've seen BM in action toward HER mother, and they all live in the same house, so the skids see disrespect every day on her part, but I cannot STAND rude, disrespectful children, and DH's level of tolerance for disrespect is much higher than mine. Ugh, I can't WAIT until they leave today.


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LOL Your "eating and nudity" line cracked me up Biggrin Luckily, SS12 can't be bothered to even change his clothes, let alone keep them off! And he's also exactly like BM with the disrespect and no regards for consequences.

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This is what I don't understand about disengagement. I know SMs that basically are on strike and it helps them not be resentful. But how do you keep from getting offended? Going on strike does not make the children act right and you still have to put up with disgusting kids with no manners?