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What a couple of BRATS!!!!

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SS14 and SS12 just got an earful from me because they are brats. They made some snarky comments about how the dust-catcher on the floor we use for the dogs must not be working because the hardwoods are a little hairy (and by a little, I mean almost unnoticeable, but anyone with dogs knows what I'm talking about). I pretty much snapped and said, "Um, excuse the hell out of me? I'll have you know that I spent all last weekend cleaning those floors that the two of you keep dropping stuff onto, PLUS I vacuumed the downstairs carpet where you are not supposed to have food, and yet I see you managed to get the whole place filled with crumbs. NEITHER of you contribute to ANY of the cleaning in this house, even though you sure do come over and make messes, plus your damn bathroom looks like a haunted house, and I'm too afraid to use it because I'm scared I'll be attacked by toilet goblins. That's the place YOU are supposed to keep clean, and you have the nerve to be snarky about a little dog hair on the floor? What is it exactly that you DO around here?" They walked out of the house.


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It sounds like they're not getting any help from their Dad, who you've said has anger/temper issues...maybe he needs to take anger management & parenting classes, then maybe these kids will improve. He should think about getting some...they may really help his kids a lot.

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No, and I'm tired if their little snarky asses who sit around and do nothing of note at any given time. F them for reals. DH DOES have anger management problems, but he'll never get any help for it unless I pretty much threaten to leave him. Then, he'll still be angry, just not with me around.