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The bad part about not seeing the skids on the weekends for a month is that when they come back, I almost forget how much I can't stand having them in my house. Almost. Their job today is to clean the bathroom, which they have now both been stalling on doing for close to 2 hours now. SS11 informed us and SS13 that he would only be cleaning the inside of the toilet and nothing else. Too bad about 95% of the pee on the OUTSIDE of the toilet is his since he can't aim at all. I know this because he pees with the door open, and I can hear the pee hitting every other surface except the water inside the bowl, until the last second. Their irritating, caterwauling, feral cat voices have been going back and forth at each other for at good 20 minutes now, between SS11's whining and SS13's feeling he HAS to make a comment about EVERYTHING to do with SS11. I'm already exhausted from spending the whole week listening to my preschoolers act the same way because it's that time of year, so naturally the skids should act the same way. I just can't f-ing stand these kids. Seriously.


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Oh, that's a good idea! Actually, what's more likely to happen is I'll take the power strip that connects the TV/video games/DVD player, etc. because it'll hit 'em where it hurts. Wink Then I'll hide it somewhere where even DH won't know where it is. SS11 supposedly cleaned the toilet, but I bet he just wiped it down with a dry rag.

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consider yourself lucky.

My skids don't lift a finger while they are in our home; their father even carries their dirty dishes to the sink for them. Apparently, it is a sacrelege for a princess to touch a dirty dish.

At least yours have a chore, even if they do a half-assed job of it.

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Normally my skids are the laziest jerks on earth, but I complained so badly about their nasty-ass bathroom last week, DH finally made them clean it. They finally did it after about 4 hours of stalling. Oh, SS11 never clears dishes or does anything for himself either, only SS13 is the enabler because he just does everything for him. The reason SS13 does this is so he can complain about what a martyr he is for having to constantly do things for SS11, like he's Cinderella or something.