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Hypochondriac Harry strikes again...part tres.

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Well, this morning, SS13's intestines are on fire from the green chili he ate last night, and also he's got a broken rib because it hurts when he breathes in too deeply. Funny, it doesn't hurt too bad for him to stop talking. We're going to the in-laws' all weekend to help them move. They only coddle him and play into all his bullcrap. It's gonna be a long one....


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ugh, you've got one of those too, huh? i'm so sorry. i've never seen anyone as bad as sd20. always suffering from "migraines" (i doubt she has a clue what that even means), "really bad sinus infections", "an infected taste bud", "a dislocated hip", "scoliosis", it really never ends. she was walking around just fine with that dislocated hip, she looked embarrassed when i asked her if she wanted me to take her to the ER for her infected tastebud, and the scoliosis magically happened when i was taking myself and bd to the chiropractor.

i've seriously wondered if she has munchausen's syndrome. she's in the ER every damn week now that she is 20 and can take herself for her bullshit "symptoms". i'm sure she'll have her kid in there all the time, too. it's really quite ridiculous. if she was truly as sick as she always claims to be, she would have died long ago.

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oh and bronchitis. i can't believe i forgot that one! she has bronchitis and strep throat every other week! (yet her fucking mouth never ceases running, hmm...)

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I have one too. She's 13 and always sick. As a young child she had some minor issues and they treat her like she is made of glass. Her BM had her at the Dr or ER once a week. Then she had to pay the co-pays and it stopped.

Only kid I ever heard of that hounds us to take her to get a flu shot. Oh and now it's her teeth. She is buggin to go to the dentist. She goes 1a year and now she wants to go every month for some issue with her teeth. Her BM won't take her so we have to which is fine but we aren't taking her every freaking time she thinks she needs to go.

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I have 2 of these. Poor little things. They seem to get really sick when you need help with yard work, hard tests at school, etc. ~~rolls eyes~~

I never fall for their bull shit, but DH and BM do every time. I think my H is catching on, but Jesus Christ, they are 18 and 15, a little late.

I told my H - you know the kids are full of it whenever they mention "migraine" SS(18) and "stomach ache" SS(15).

It makes my blood boil just to think of it. My SS's are the biggest pansies I've ever seen. Bar none.