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So anxious...what to say? How to act?

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So, this whole gender reveal party thingy is REALLY throwing me off.  It's been about 1.5yrs of no contact with BM (since SD's graduation) and no drama.  I guess DH and I were hoping to never ever have to deal with her again in our lives, SD has stated she didn't want kids at ALL, and that IF she did it would only be because her partner really wanted one, but it would be in her 30's.  She was adamant about it.  As you know, I think her bf's influence has likely been key in her going ahead with this pregnancy.  So here after only a small break, we get to have bm involved/wrapped up somewhat

Man dumps 80,000 penies for CS on front lawn.

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Did you guys read this story?  I apologize if it's been posted before.

I simply can't wrap my head around it, even with toxic bm's-the payment is for his kid, he did it to get back at his KID. No excuses for that move.

Guess I'm going to the gender reveal?

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So, as you know with SD being pregnant, I had not responded to the invite to the gender reveal party.  1st- I'm disappointed in her decision to go ahead with the pregnancy- correction we BOTH are, though I'm more on team 'let her do what she wants' I know it's just plain dumb at her age 2nd- I hate gender reveal parties, find them narcissistic and idiotic, we had both decided not to do originally since there will be other events soon enough.  

OT-Interviews these days

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So I had my phone interview today.  It's with a very known company in my previous industry.  I was very excited to see the jobs posted and the changes they are making.  My previous company was a client of theirs also -so I've worked with some of their departments very closely.  This interview was with the recruiter.  She advised that what she does it makes a presentation of our interview (it was over the phone) and then if they want to proceed, it goes on to 3 more stages (Hiring manager, another operational manager and then the final is with the VP).  They will all be done via Webex.  It's

Million little things tv show

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Does anyone watch this show and did you watch last nights episode?  One of the couples is divorcing, he's in a wheelchair but had relapsed with addiction.  THe wife finally had enough- well, he also had an affair a few years ago and had a baby with another woman....I was just feeling sick watching the new Disney dad bend over backwards to get a promised video game for his son because it was his first time over.  The son's friend was over and kept telling him how much stuff/presents he would get now that he has divorce parents.

Called victory to early- this is long

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Well, so luckily my son still continues ok and much better.  Still has to land a job and he has his first therapy after his release from the day program next week. He will be going weekly.  

DIsclaimer_this if for my venting-you do NOT have to bore yourself reading this hot mess lol

It just has seemed that life had kept is nasty knee on my neck for years now and I'm slowly feeling the life being drained out of me, literally.  Just in a dark dark place and honstly don't even want to go on anymore.

Good day!

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My boys and I shared a good day.  Went hiking with the dogs earlier (brought some ticks back, all of us ewww).   He's been hanging out w/me most of the day.  We worked on applications for jobs and then he hung up watching tv and having dinner.  Yesterday we had dinner at the table me and the boys.  He is stable, happy and not in distress.  From where we were a month or two ago with his diagnosis and horrible paranoia and psychosis, these days are so very different.  I'm overjoyed to be able to love and enjoy my son again!.

Little victories

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So some good things, if you read my previous blog you'll see that DH and I are having issues...mainly his drinking.  I'm very well prepared to end things should I need to.  He did however get a job, it's temp to hire, so if all goes well the first 90 days he gets to stay. It's a good company, pay is crap like everything these days-but there's a lot of promotion opportunities.

No shame

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OK OK, I know back in the day when girls got pregnant out of wedlock they were shamed w/out mercy, it was extreme....and now these days we have the opposite, they are applauded and celebrated and show excitement when an unmarried 20yr old couple winds up pregnant.  If you remember anything about my SD she is attention seeking to a fault and LOVES receiving accolades and tons of presents.