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Proof I have lost it!

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Last night, my SO and I got engaged! I can't believe I'm signing on for this full time! *lol*

I guess after almost 10 years together, I can at least say I know what I'm getting myself into...

A huge thanks to everyone who has shares stories and advice.  It certainly helps keep me sane in step parent land!


Update to Saturday Night’s the Night

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So my SO contacted his oldest counselor to let her know.  It ends up his dailighter stopped counseling again as her grandparents took back their car as they were headed to FL for the winter.  Counselor said she was very worried about daughter.  

SO and the counselor decided to offer daughter another counseling session where SO would participate to discuss how disappointed he was that she stole alcohol from us and lied to us.

Saturday Night’s the Night Alright - Vent

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The oldest skid in my life has been an on and off juvenile delinquent in her behavior. Minor stuff: sneaking off with boys at 12, getting busted for vaping at her private school, and last May got busted (at the then public school she went to after leaving her private school) for bringing alcohol to school.  She has also been busted here with vaping stuff but assured her dad she was done and knew better.

I feel sorry for the oldest skid

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My SO received a call from his oldest skids therapist, asking him to join in on a counseling session.  It ends up, the disgusting BM is hounding skid about nonsense and refusing to pay for any additional therapy sessions (because the counselor sees BM as a huge part of the problem) and cancelling appointments with skids psychologist who proscribes the medication skid is on.

OT a bit: Kids - So hard to understand

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So after the great driving permit drama fest a few weeks ago (please see past posts if interested) and my SO telling his daughter she was being selfish for her demands and wrong for cursing him out, they haven’t spoken or done their usual texting.

Last night just before 10, she sends him a FaceTime request.  We are ready for bed, and he texts that he’ll call her tomorrow.  Then come about 5 more I’m a row.  So he figures it must be an emergency and answers it.  What is this emergency that caused so many texts late at night?

If I hadn’t already been disengaged, this would have drove me to it!

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Oldest skid has had her temporary driving license and was scheduled to take her driving test this morning.

Yesterday, my SO took all 3 skids to a fun summer location about 2.5 hour drive away.  I stayed home to give them some bonding time (haha).  Oldest skid brought along her temp permit, but in the end turned down the opportunity to do any practice driving, telling my SO she didn’t feel like it.

On the way back, SO dropped them off at crazy pants BM (just over an hour away).  Total drive time: 5 hours give or take.

Another reminder to disengage

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I’m such a sucker for a sob story.

The eldest SD 16 was complaining her mom made her purchase her own clothing with money SD made working over the summer.  

Now I am not a fan of their stalking, cruel and just generally disgusting BM (although I do not voice my opinion of her to them), but get being a teen and buying your own clothes.  At 16 when I got my first job, my parents had me go the same, outside of clothing they’d buy for birthdays, holidays or special occasion.

But you know, it’s still not fun at that age because everything is so expensive.

Crazy Train is at the station!

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So crazy pants BM is truly on a roll!  The latest was a text she sent, saying Skid2 has to have a very expensive brand laptop for school, and couldn’t he buy it as he knows so much more about computers, followed by, I kid you not, a kissy emoji, heart emoji and the thumbs up emoji.

After SO, with the most disgusted look I’ve ever seen said, Doesn’t she realize I can’t stand her, and she has been harrassing me for weeks,” we both burst out laughing.

Summer fun

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*Hi Steppers!

Thought I’d share a couple of hilarious  BM requests that happened recently.

BM and the skids live about an hour and a half away from us (by way of background.)

About 2 weeks ago, SO gets a series of texts from BM letting SO know she’d rented a place at the beach last minute for an overnight (and about an hour away from her in the opposite direction from where we live.). Great!  The skids love the ocean!