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Proof I have lost it!

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Last night, my SO and I got engaged! I can't believe I'm signing on for this full time! *lol*

I guess after almost 10 years together, I can at least say I know what I'm getting myself into...

A huge thanks to everyone who has shares stories and advice.  It certainly helps keep me sane in step parent land!



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Very happy for you!  We only got married after 7 yrs together - they say second marriages are a triumph of hope over experience lol - I'd second that - but we've now been together nearly 18 yrs and weathered some horrible years with the steps and NPD BM - stronger than ever I think!   I hope all goes fantastically for you and do tell us about all your plans for ceremony, dress, honeymoon etc!  

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Congratulations! Cheers to your future!! 

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We are planning a fairly small ceremony as this is both of our 2nd marriages.  But I'm so very excited and appreciate the kind wishes!

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Congratulations! May your deep bond and love keep you strong, united and thriving always.