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SD finally accepted she is guilty...

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Two weeks ago I talked with DH about SD being so mean with me, because he told me that I do not tolerate her, REALLY?. She is always disrespectful with me even in front of DH family etc....she is a b*tch with me, even if after all I'm nice with her, she is really mean with me (mostly when DH is not around). At first he tried to make excuses about his daughter behavior (because I felt really bad) but at the end he told me he would talk to SD. 

A week without SD (after a year)

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After a year of having SD at my house almost everyday, I had a week without her. I feelt so so free and happy to not have to tolerate this brat. Honestly I was so freaking happy. DH and I did a lot of things together and he even look happier. During this time I worked so hard in disengage and ignore so many things about her. Is incredible how skids absorb your energy and sometimes your happiness with their actions, their attitude etc. 

Being a stepparent is really hard

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Why does be a stepparent has to be that hard? Since I'm a member here I've been reading blogs and sometimes I feel sad or angry or something about the majority of us having a really hard time dealing with step kids. 
Some stepkids are really horrible. Once I read someone dealing with a stepkid trying to almost kill this person, putting poison or something in the toothbrush, stepkids hurting stepparents physically, whaaat? 

Talked with DH about SD not giving privacy

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Hi everyone, in my last post I talked about SD not giving privacy. SD12 is always in my room, she always enters like it was hers and I just need my privacy. I dont like to talk with DH about SD because he is extremely defensive, some of you will understand how difficult is to make BM or  BD understand they and their children are doing wrong. 

Crying in the bathroom

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Yesterday DH picked up SD12 it was 9 pm. I told my husband two days ago if we could watch some serie on netflix, ok tomorrow (yesterday). When he arrived home I asked him are we watching this serie? and he answer "Does SD can watch it too? I mean is appropiate for her age? WHAAAAAAT, I was already pissed, of course I told him that she could watch something else in her room. 

Birthday weekend ruined

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I'm here just to vent... 

This is my birthday weekend, due to covid we have SD all week so I was expecting to enjoy with DH alone this weekend (SD spends weekends with BM). My parents are coming tomorrow to have lunch... SD will be here, I'm so mad about it, we are only adults and her... I just can't accept this situation * cries in silent *, why does life hate me that much lol 

Is this normal?

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A few days ago I was talking with a friend about SD13 behavior. I always have been really good with children, I really like them, I have a few nephews and between them and me is all love, laughs, hugs and kisses. Through my life I don't really remember hating someone or that I couldn't stand someone. I am a really calm and a very patient person. The deal here is that I do not like my SD, she is so selfish, so disrespectful, her behavior is always the worst, I've been trying a lot of times to understand this girl, I tell myself that is a girl with no limits, etc.