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O/T Self Care: appearance edition

I've been feeling a little blah and unsexy for... well... several months.

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Parenting partnerships and BM's trashy chic decor.

The several days we had the skids for spring break was so tiring and downright bad. It is wonderful having a quiet house again.

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BM needs a course on adulting 101

DH has skids for half of school vaca.

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SD Chronicles: Where's my present?

5 days with skids begins today.

I just spoke with SD on the phone.

SD: "When will we open our Easter baskets?"

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Advice from the heart for my dear friend.

Before I ever got involved with a man with kids - I simply had no idea what it entailed.

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DH would lose his head if it wasn't screwed on

He loses everything. Keys, wallets, phones, clothing items, dog leashes, library books and even my first engagement ring (long story)... you name it... he's lost it.

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There ARE good people in this world, and other positive thoughts.

DH and SS came up to visit me at work today on lunch. As I walked out, I noticed the back light of my car was smashed and there was significant back end damage.

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O/T what do you all make of North Korea's threats?

I've had a lot of monotonous work to get done at the office, so when I take sanity breaks to read the news this is a topic that I am continuously seeing.

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SD Chronicles: Manipulation Tactics

SD calls me into her bedroom and "needs to talk to me."

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Monday blues

A bad start to a Monday is a special kind of suck.

My boss needed me to drop off documents to someone we will call a "higher up" by 8:30 AM.