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Skids have left the building and all is right in the world again.

The 5 days with skids are over. Laughing out loud

DH did *slightly better limiting screen time and paying attention to SS's behavior.

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14 days of zen

I am challenging myself to 2 weeks of no nagging and no attitude toward my husband. I hate the word nag. I hate that I became one.

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5 days with skids starts today.

Well after a nice, quiet, week hiatus - the skids are back today.

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Thank you note

Just wanted to thank you S-Talkers who responded to my SOS yesterday.

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SOS My feelings are hurt.

Sorry for the excessive blogging today.

I have a DH/skid/BM situation that just arose, tell me if I should be hurt or if this is overreacting on my part.

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What are you doing for this "holiday" ?

I am debating on whether or not I should acknowledge Valentine's day.

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Not sure if this is clinical depression or just an extremely large bump in the road...

Do you ever feel so stuck in a rut that you literally can barely function and plaster on a smile through another work day?

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Sex obsessed SS

10 year old SS has seemingly overnight gone from sweet to out of control.

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O/T Tell Me About You

I have never stuck around an online forum for this long, and now that I have, I find myself curious about ya'll.

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Monday morning drama


Another one of my whiny vents for anyone willing to commiserate. I really needed to type this out, mainly for the therapeutic effect.