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Daughter of Narcissist Mother problems

Big news in my family...

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The dreaded extended summer stay arrives

Skids have their annual summer 9 days straight at Dad's coming up. Sad

I am working 5 of the days, in the past I would use paid time off, hahaha, not anymore.

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Selfishness on steroids!

Sorry to blog hog.

When I think DH couldn't be more of an asshole he surprises me once more.

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Reaction to disengagement?

I had a bachelorette party Saturday. I haven't had a night out like that in awhile. I didn't know any of the women, as it was an old high school friend's party who I do not see often.

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I guess even when attempting disengagement you still hear things.

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Haircuts and other small thrills

I don't have any updates regarding me leaving DH or moving out, since I haven't done either.

We haven't fought, or even really spoken all that much, in 7 days.

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I packed a bag and left at 11 PM last night.

We attempted to go out and "celebrate" me getting a better position at work, which I was very happy about.

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When does it stop? It has to eventually.

BM is at is again. Did not show for drop off or respond to his texts. He is back to work now and needs to go to do quick 2 hour job, he is waiting with a sitter at the house for skids.

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The competition continues!

Two weeks ago DH took SS river tubing. SD was too small, so we stayed behind and had a pool day.

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Teens... ugh

I got my misguided 18 y/o niece (DH's side) a job at my office part time. Love her... but damn she drives me nuts...