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O/T. When your job is great except for the money.

I have been applying for jobs for awhile now, begrudgingly.

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Weekend trip update and PMS rant.

BM drops off skids Friday and DH tells her about our trip to the city. To my surprise, she was completely fine with it.

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So depressed today

I've been posting a lot lately, sorry if I am getting annoying. I am in need of a vent right now. I just had a terrible fight with DH and I have an entire day of work looming ahead.

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O/T EASY dinner recommendations anyone? Please.

I cook about 3 or 4 nights per week. I work full time so the other nights everyone fends for themselves.

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I just started reading Stepmonster, so far I find it a little pretentious but very informative.

After reading the first few chapters, I have some questions for you all.

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Weekend away update.

I was wrong about how the order reads regarding vacation. The "one month" notice is about who gets what uninterrupted week for summer vacation only.

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Weekend away, what would you do?

So DH and I have had a nightmare of a 2016. I think that is probably putting it lightly.

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I took the plunge and

Deleted Facebook.

Yes, DH and I made the huge life altering (eye-roll) decision together.

Reasons being:

-It makes us (especially me) less productive.

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SD's smart mouth

I love my SD. I truly, truly do. She is attached to me, looks up to me and is a snuggly, adorable little thing.

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Back. I missed Steptalk.

I posted 6 weeks or so ago about thinking I needed to leave DH. The short of it is he had surgery and relapsed right back onto pain pills.