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Hell visited me again!!!!

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Hell paid me a visit again yesterday..

DH brought SD again yesterday.. 

SD refused to come into the house, Instead she took a chair and sat in the yard in the hot sun when I saw that I asked her to come into the house and sit she said, No !! I good right here!! 

SD didn't speak to me instead she used her father to relate to me however I spoke directly to her, I asked if she wanted food she said No! I good! But eventually went to neighbour's house and ate


Desperate for change

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I've been having a really hard time with my bonus child 9 (more than usual lately).

--Little back story-- We are a blended family and I have been mom to my bonus child since day one of me being in her life. Her bio mom made some poor choices that caused my SO to get full custody. I stepped up because bonus child was almost 5 at the time and needed a mommy figure in her life. I have treated her like I have all my children. Bio mom is now in her life again (no custody atm, just virtual visits). We have a great relationship with bio mom.


It's Been a While...Chaos Continues...Think I'm Going to Have to Leave This Madness!

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Hello StepTalkers!  It's been a couple of months since I posted and I hope you're all doing well.  I suppose I took a little break from venting here because I was trying to make a grand effort to stay on the positive with my relationship with Mr. Ed and completely disengage from SDs, ya know?  But...I woke up this morning with so much resentment, frustration, and anxiety about this situation and I knew exactly where to go for support and clarity.  In advance, thank you so much for this space and the experience you all bring to it!

Where We Were


Am i a horrible person?

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I feel like a horrible person, i cant find a way to talk to anyone about this. if i talk to my friends i feel like they are agreeing because its the friendly thing to do. If i talk to my significant other he shuts down and it becomes an argument. I am 23 years old and i have been with my boyfriend for 4 years and i am 3 months pregnant . when we first met his son was great we had no issues and we got along great. However we ended up separating for acouple months and when we decided to try things out again his son was a whole different person.


Stuck between a Rock and a hard place, no clue what to do.

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So I havn't posted anything since I joined, mostly read what others are going through, that are much like myself, and read the comments. However I find myself stuck. I'm not legally a "step-parent". Mostly beause my BF and i aren't married. When I meet my BF he was living with his parents still (both of us in our late 20's)  and I moved in with him for about a year. When I noticed how disfuction his household was. My BF has no say in how he disaplines his daughter, she has NO respect for him or adults, or anyone else's things.


Overwhelmed Expectant Mother

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This is my first blog post. I came across this site after posting on a wives Facebook page and I was immediately met with harsh critisism. Over a hundred people I don't even know we're telling me what a horrible person I am. It truly broke my heart. One of the comments suggested that I go to a Blended Family page instead, and talk to those who could be more understanding. So here I am, and depending on how this goes, I may be needing to post more. I know I'm going to have so many questions in the future. 



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Hey all. Just joined up to see what other step parents are going through out there and look for a little bit of peace with the role myself. People certainly don't realize how hard being a step parent can be. I didn't give it any thought until it became my life. Just to sum up, I have two step kids. A girl (7) and a boy (4) and they can be the most bipolar kids I've ever interacted with. Their parents separated a little over 2 years ago and I've been consistantly a part of their life for about a year and a half.