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Stuck between a Rock and a hard place, no clue what to do.

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So I havn't posted anything since I joined, mostly read what others are going through, that are much like myself, and read the comments. However I find myself stuck. I'm not legally a "step-parent". Mostly beause my BF and i aren't married. When I meet my BF he was living with his parents still (both of us in our late 20's)  and I moved in with him for about a year. When I noticed how disfuction his household was. My BF has no say in how he disaplines his daughter, she has NO respect for him or adults, or anyone else's things.


Step Daughter To Be Hates Me

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I’ve been with my fiancé about a year now. His daughter is 18 years old . I have 2 other children from a previous relationship. I met his daughter shortly after beginning the relationship with him. We seemed to have hit it off pretty good. So I thought . She is 18 & I’ll be 27. So she’s not to much younger than me. Well after we got engaged (Christmas day 2018) she really got mad .