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Hell visited me again!!!!

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Hell paid me a visit again yesterday..

DH brought SD again yesterday.. 

SD refused to come into the house, Instead she took a chair and sat in the yard in the hot sun when I saw that I asked her to come into the house and sit she said, No !! I good right here!! 

SD didn't speak to me instead she used her father to relate to me however I spoke directly to her, I asked if she wanted food she said No! I good! But eventually went to neighbour's house and ate

She didn't acknowledge my kids and they did the same they went about their day like she didn't exist.. She told her dad she didn't want to come into the house because my kids were in the house..

Her behavior were really strange and her presence were tense she behaved like she were forced to be here and that she were just here to please her dad whatever it maybe it made me feel really bad and as if I'll harm her .. I don't know what she's trying to portray to her dad but her behavioir were very hateful 

I spoke to him about it and again he justified her actions like it were no big deal and nothing were wrong in the way she behaved and that she didn't mean anything by it and that I'm the one looking for problems..

Let me also mention she's 13 years and her attitude is that of a mature big woman

Am I really making a big deal out of nothing??

Am I over reacting ??

How can I deal with this ???

Cam someone help


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She hurt your child in the past. That's game over for me. Suggest he no longer bring her by since she is unhappy when she's at your home. She's playing a game she knows she will win because she knows her Dad is never going to stand up to her. Stop her game by stopping her participation in your home. If he's going to say you don't like her around, say he's right and tell him why. Remind him that she is unhappy to even visit and that's not good for anyone. Tell him that since it's so upsetting for her to be near you, it's best he stop bringing her around. 

She hurt your son. That is the only reason you need to stop playing her games. 

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Hon, if your SD behaves like this, simply ignore her, go on with life as if she is not there at all.

If she asks DH to ask you something, ignore him as well, smile and say, if she wants something she can ask me directly, we are not using you as a post office, you are a human being and it is time she treats you as such.

Your kids have the right way , ignore the brat.
Simply tell DH, Sweety she is a teenager, this is how they act, the more you ignore it the less they will act like this.... then get DH to be on your side, keep on saying it is a teenage stage and will blow over lol...