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Not music to my ears (the sequel)

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Hello! A couple months ago around Christmas time, I had a vent session with you kind strangers. I had expressed doubt and frustration about the living situation and state of my relationship with my boyfriend. To recap: he's got 8 bio-kids (from the same woman). Six of the kids recently moved in with us full time unexpectedly. Their bio mom is said to have been an unfit parent who had mental issues. So I attempted to go with the flow and accept the kids. They range in age from 12-18. It's been a rough transition, as the kids, although not inherently evil, are destructive and disrespectful.


My stepson’s a bully

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My husband and I both have 11 year old sons from our previous relationships. My husband's children only comes once every two weeks. My kids and I have just moved to Australia for 4 months and I can't stand my husband's son. He is a bully and my husband admits that. Another problem is my husband isn't fair with disciplining our kids. This morning my son told me that he was locked outside the house for a while while we we're still in bed. His son said he 'forgot' that my son was left outside. Wtf, sorry for the language but I'm absolutely feeling so angry. He got away with it.


Am i a horrible person?

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I feel like a horrible person, i cant find a way to talk to anyone about this. if i talk to my friends i feel like they are agreeing because its the friendly thing to do. If i talk to my significant other he shuts down and it becomes an argument. I am 23 years old and i have been with my boyfriend for 4 years and i am 3 months pregnant . when we first met his son was great we had no issues and we got along great. However we ended up separating for acouple months and when we decided to try things out again his son was a whole different person.


I couldn't take it anymore

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Since my husband and I had a huge argument a month ago we have been trying to work things out. SD13 told him she didn't want to come to our house anymore. Two weeks ago he went to his parents to spend the weekend with her right after coming back home the Tuesday before. Ok. This past Friday again he went out there and he spent Saturday on his brother's boat with his wife, wife's friend (who BTW has cheated on her husband with several different men) that woman's husband and one of his friends drinking having a great time.