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A little overwhelmed

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I just joined, so hi everyone! I'm a mom of two (a 3 year old boy and a 18 month girl), and a stepmom to a 14 year old girl and a 9 year old boy. The 14 year old lives with her mom and we see her every once in a while. The boy was just (literally) thrown into our lives last week, and turned our world upside down.


Something's Gotta Give

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I feel the need to remind myself daily that I am a very successful, fun, and helpful person that people like and care about.  All of these things are true.  I have an amazing job where I get to make good money and work from my home daily.  My laundry is always done, we have homecooked meals every night, and I get to work in my pajamas.  This is any working mother's dream! So why do I feel anxious and depressed all the time? My oldest son is 16. He is 6'4", athletic and kind. My oldest daughter is 14, smart and loving (with a sprinkle of sass).


I couldn't take it anymore

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Since my husband and I had a huge argument a month ago we have been trying to work things out. SD13 told him she didn't want to come to our house anymore. Two weeks ago he went to his parents to spend the weekend with her right after coming back home the Tuesday before. Ok. This past Friday again he went out there and he spent Saturday on his brother's boat with his wife, wife's friend (who BTW has cheated on her husband with several different men) that woman's husband and one of his friends drinking having a great time.