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Effen done

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So tired of the  3 adult SS (24,21,20). Been together for 10 years (7 years married). DH is expert at parenting by guilt. 3 adult SS take full advantage. When they were teens they never had a set of chores and fought about who should clean up after their dogs (not my dogs). Expert manipulators. SSs have moved back in at separate times. Oldest SS makes over$25 an hour but DH didn't collect rent even after he promised me he would. I was going to save the rent fir the ungrateful SS and return it to him when he found an apartment to use as a down payment and first and last month rent.


What would you do?

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This post was a comment I made on another blog post.
I am super annoyed with my DH and have a massive tension headache migraine. Today while we are in the middle of a project at home he says out of the blue that his DD and GKids are visiting our area for the day.  They live several hours away.  The GKids want to come by and see our dogs.  


"Never let go of something you can't afford to lose!"

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Years ago, my big sister told me, "I never let go of something I can't afford to lose."  She said she never wanted money or material things to ruin a relationship, so although she was always pretty generous about helping people out, she never loaned, gave, or let people borrow anything she would be upset about never seeing again.  Good stuff. I adopted that rule and made it my own long ago.  I haven't always upheld it in my weaker moments, but I always consider it when I'm faced with a decision on where to spend my time, money, and energy.  It helps ward off unnece


Next time with a load of clothes...

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... is what SS18 said as he left our house with gifts yesterday. That was his passive-agressive pissing match challenge to me, step mom. His dad kicked SS18 out of our home in late August (read my past blogs for the details) and last week I told DH I am not willing to let SS18 move back in. 

Sorry SS, NOT HAPPENING. That is all.


Going to lose my mind

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My husband's mother is in the hospital, she isn't going to make it. So SD 27 is flying down, of course I have to pick her up. She can't stand me, she ruined my wedding photos when me and her dad got married.  I got not one picture of me and him beside each other. I know how this is going to go, just like it has for the past 15 years. She is going to cling to him like she is married to him, I am going to be pushed out the way.


DH Facing Reality

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So disengaging definitely turned the tables. I've successfully emotionally (and mostly mentally) disengaged. I had an after-work event tonight & DH had the day off. I came home around 8pm and could tell DH was bummed. Now that he's not triangulated with me & SS18, it's just between the two of them. After a few minutes, DH started telling me about his anger after calling SS today & getting flack. At first I just listened, then started agreeing with DH, and then when I said I was glad DH is finally seeing this... he got mad at me.


Can't keep my Mouth Shut

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So disenaging fro SDs has never been easy, I have a tendency to open my mouth and say things about them that gets DW upset with me, I do it less and less but still it occurs and I am left feeling like I did something wrong even tho I know I didn't (except open my mouth in the first place).