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Why do adult skids need to "spend the night"?

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DH and I had a conversation yesterday, which by the way, I knew was coming because SD will be coming "home" from University the beginning of May, and I KNEW that DH would be wanting to "test the waters" about her staying with us.  During our convo, he says he feels like a crappy father because he has to tell SD20 she has to stay at a friends or MILs when she's home and he can't even have SS19 to the house to maybe go turkey hunting and spend a night or two.  Poor DH, he has to meet his ADULT kids at restaraunts or MILs or what have you and talk to them on the phone or text them.


Kitty is OK and Other Random Updates...La-Di-Da.

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So a couple weeks ago I was so upset the day DH and I had to leave on a big business trip because YSD had chased a feral cat into our crawlspace and then into the walls. I won't rehash the whole story but here's the link: