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Next time with a load of clothes...

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... is what SS18 said as he left our house with gifts yesterday. That was his passive-agressive pissing match challenge to me, step mom. His dad kicked SS18 out of our home in late August (read my past blogs for the details) and last week I told DH I am not willing to let SS18 move back in. 

Sorry SS, NOT HAPPENING. That is all.


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Yes, or in his case, likely garbage bags.

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... do not equal my plans! Yes, SS is thinking it's a possibility, but no he's not moving back in.

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...and need to stop giving it energy. I will be clear with my SS, and have already been cristal-clear with DH that I do not see it working again because it didn't before, nothing has changed, and I am not living like that again.

For me, it works out much better having SS live at BM's house, and it's worked out great for SS & DH because they started getting together several times a week. It's gotten SS motivated to finally get his drivers license & prepare to enroll in CC. None of which was happening when SS was living here.

There's also been no apology from SS or even any hint that something went wrong. SS has never spoken of it to me, owned his part, NOTHING. Which is another confirmation that nothing's changed.. as was him showing up for Christmas without even a card for anyone, no gift even for his sister or dad, with greasy hair. "Announcing" his emminent return via the laundry blurb - the coward's way. 

My DH has assured me I can trust him & he's got my back. Nonetheless, I have already advised & will advise again thst DH can go rent a place to finish raising SS19 in if that's what he needs to do. I made it clear to DH that I cannot live with SS again. 

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Your DH's rose-coloured glasses are so thick I'm surprised he can see daylight through them.