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OT- Baby Shark Tooth and other Musical Atrocities

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Ok so we are no longer hijacking another post, I brought this conversation here lol

Let’s open it up a bit more, What other children’s songs are big with the little Bios and or Skids?

GSD is 8 so she also listens to a lot of Pop (ugh), but I have slowly been getting her to listen to more Rock with Christmas tunes like Springsteen’s “Santa Claus is coming to Town” and The Kinks “ Father Christmas”, we put Spotify on shuffle play and dance around the living room.

Does this Happen to Anyone Else ?

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Does this happen to anyone else?

You write a vent blog about life with Steps and DW or DH and you were pretty ticked when you first wrote it but as the comments come in you start to find yourself defending DW or DH or thinking well they weren’t that bad? Or thinking the comments are advising rather drastic measures that you really aren’t up for or even close to thinking about ?

DW's Birthday, Beating myself up and taking and being taken for granted .

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DW’s birthday was on Tuesday, her parents had come the prior evening with a cake and some presents since they couldn’t make it on the actual day.  Skids called or texted her with well wishes, no visits so that was a present for me lol

The Gskids got her a t-shirt with their nickname for her on it and a nice saying on the back about how she didn’t know love until she was called this name or something like that , MIL actually bought it online but you get the idea.

You to can become white trash, just follow these easy steps !

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I’m just going to start with Friday afternoon, I leave work late pick up the kids from daycare since wife is picking up SD21 to come to our house since “ She misses us so much”, stop for gas and head home. I spend the evening avoiding SD21 who sits on the couch watching TV, eats, bums more food to take back to her shed, yes she lives in a shed and takes a nap on the couch.  You can really tell when someone wants to spend time with you when they watch tv and nap the whole time.

The name is Blunder, Bonehead Blunder.

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So last night I got played, intentionally or unintentionally is hard to say.

DW says she will stop tomorrow (Today) to pick up such and such for me before she gets the Gskids from day care, I say that’s not necessary I can pick it up I have to stop for gas in the same area anyway ( best price ).

DW then proceeds to say ok then you can pick up the Gskids as well and I can go straight from work and pick up SD21 for a visit, she misses us. ( Fhat the Wuck just happened? )

OT- Funny Story that the Dads will appreciate more

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So last evening was Cookies with Santa at GSD’s school, GSS gets antsy after a while at these functions so he and stayed home instead of ruining the time for GSD and DW.

We always have fun together, there is always a few moments of having to parent him but for the most part it’s “Guys Time”. We do stupid stuff, I allow him to do things that would make DW wince (he’s a bit of a daredevil) basically we just enjoy each other alone for a while.

Updates, it's kinda long.

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 It’s been awhile since I wrote an update, regaled you all with either funny or horror stories, or even just vented about a recent occurrence or life in general. So I will attempt to roll them all together here in no particular timeline but will do my best to give each at least a heading  lol


Move Update

The Move

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So we got the move more or less complete, a few outside items still have to be grabbed at the old house.  The new house is complete chaos, nothing is where it should be, no order, no sense of standard operating procedure, just stuff everywhere.

My fuse has been extremely short as of late, not being able to get everything where it should be, little tasks becoming big ones and the children acting up ( or just being themselves) has put me in a bad state, a state I don’t like being in, the bad guy, the angry guy, not able to enjoy even the simplest of things.