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OT- Funny Story that the Dads will appreciate more

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So last evening was Cookies with Santa at GSD’s school, GSS gets antsy after a while at these functions so he and stayed home instead of ruining the time for GSD and DW.

We always have fun together, there is always a few moments of having to parent him but for the most part it’s “Guys Time”. We do stupid stuff, I allow him to do things that would make DW wince (he’s a bit of a daredevil) basically we just enjoy each other alone for a while.

Updates, it's kinda long.

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 It’s been awhile since I wrote an update, regaled you all with either funny or horror stories, or even just vented about a recent occurrence or life in general. So I will attempt to roll them all together here in no particular timeline but will do my best to give each at least a heading  lol


Move Update

The Move

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So we got the move more or less complete, a few outside items still have to be grabbed at the old house.  The new house is complete chaos, nothing is where it should be, no order, no sense of standard operating procedure, just stuff everywhere.

My fuse has been extremely short as of late, not being able to get everything where it should be, little tasks becoming big ones and the children acting up ( or just being themselves) has put me in a bad state, a state I don’t like being in, the bad guy, the angry guy, not able to enjoy even the simplest of things.

OT (Kinda) - Hey STalkers !

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Hey STalkers!

I’ve been busy with at work and home with our upcoming move but didn’t want anyone to think I had fled the scene, I haven’t had time to read anything lately on the site so I hope everyone is hanging in there, a few of you can reach me if you need to off the site.

In my spare time I have been working on the lair for the Step Talk Vigilante Squad and started digging for the Step Talk Under Ground Rail Road, that is going real slowwwww, think I need a bigger shovel !

GSD mirrors SD26 , true story of terror !!!!!!

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I usually don’t write about Gskid issues, GSS is only 2 so beyond really wishing he was potty trained, the occaissional waking at night and the typical 2 y/o issues he doesn’t offer much other than amusement.

GSD on the other hand does give us issues, and lately they seem to be getting worse. She’s 8, and that’s a tough age for a lot of kids but when you have been through what this kid has been through it’s even worse.

Saving a few dollars and rooster blocked.

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The other night I mention that benefits enrollment time is coming up at work and question DW whether SD20 will continue on my insurance, to my great surprise DW says ” no SD20 is moving out of state”.  I was able to stifle my wide grin and almost audible laugh.

The new year will roll around SD20 will still be here and will now be without health insurance, she will have to go sign up for Obamma Care or whatever, oh and she won’t be able to do it alone, DW will have to take her and probably fill out all the paperwork as well.

SD 20 either maturing or trying a new ploy.

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So SD20 has announced that she has decided that she does what to move to BD state, she gave DW a lot of very mature and adult sounding reasons as to why she has come to this decision.  I give DW credit for not taking it at face value however she is optimistic that SD20 is serious about this decision.

OT- Any other Whovians?

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I'm sure there are at least a few other Dr. Who fans here. Just wondering what you thought of the new Dr.'s first episode. I loved it but, but you really have to butcher Dr. Who for me not to love it.

I would have liked a better monster / villian but I'm sure there will be more on the way that will be more to my liking.

2 Years

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It just came to my attention that 3 days ago I have been on this site for 2 years !!!!!   I have met alot of awfully wonderful people, learned alot from many well seasoned Stalkers, laughed, fumed and tried my best to connect and contribute.

So to all of you Stalkers thank you for the past 2 Years !!!!

Only question is when do I get the " I Survived 2 years on Step Talk " T shirt??????

Under Contract Part Deux

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There is an old story of two children being placed in separate rooms, within each room there is a huge pile of manure. The first child simply sits and cries over his situation, the second child is feverishly digging through the manure. When asked why he was digging through the manure the child exclaimed, “With this much sh!t, there has to be a pony in here somewhere! “

Now the story is an analogy for negative and positive attitudes, later on here I will be referring to in a little different way.