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Updates, it's kinda long.

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 It’s been awhile since I wrote an update, regaled you all with either funny or horror stories, or even just vented about a recent occurrence or life in general. So I will attempt to roll them all together here in no particular timeline but will do my best to give each at least a heading  lol


Move Update

  We are officially moved, we don’t have the majority of things unpacked, not sure where certain items are but everyone has a bed to sleep in, clothes to wear and the basic necessities for day to day life.  The majority of unpacked boxes are in two sheds out back, we get home too late to really get into anything during the week and so far every weekend has been basically a bust since the move, it will get done eventually.

Our former landlord had given us until Dec. 1st to vacate the old house, on Nov. 30th DW took SD20 to get the rest of her things from there. Now SD20 had almost 2 months to get her things out, she hadn’t been staying with us for almost 3 months due to our “rules”, has no job, no means of transportation, and no responsibility but still didn’t have the majority of things taken care of, that which she had done was with help from DW.  On the same day we had a cleaning person that was going there to make it more presentable and we had run into an issues with her gaining entry to the house which was supposed to have been unlocked, the landlord showed while she was there and let her in and apparently the house looked trashed and trashy. Fast forward to later that afternoon and DW now can’t get in the house, the landlord had CHANGED THE LOCKS, I call him and sternly tell him that my wife is there attempting to finish removing things from the house, he admits to changing the locks and says he will go over and let her in.

SD20’s things are scattered around, stuff broken, some even missing all together. Now personally I could care less about SD20’s things but it was the principal of the thing, we had till the 1st and he changed the locks on the day before.  If we had the time and money I would have taken him to court and won in this case, but oh well, at least that is behind us.



  Both are doing ok, the regular ups and downs of raising small children with skews here and there. GSD is still having some issues with behavior, she gets argumentative a lot, defiant, lies about silly things and acts entitled, all fairly common kid stuff but mix in the life she has already lead and it gets rough.  We are working daily to correct these behaviors, some days it works some days not so much.  She also can say interesting things, last night she was talking to her mother on the phone and suddenly said, “ Ok Mommy it’s almost bedtime I have to go, bye Mommy” and hung up on her, then she looks at me and says, “ I didn’t want to hear what she had to say anymore.” Lol Very funny, even this kid knows her Mom is full of chit.  A couple of days ago we received an X-mas card addressed to the Blunder Family and she proceeds to open it, stops looks at me and says, “well we are all the Blunder Family”, she has a different last name, being sweet, entitled or manipulative I could be sure lol.

GSS is a typical 2y/o boy gets into everything, is a daredevil, defiant, a copycat and mimic (mostly of me) and also sweet and loving. I enjoy just watching him do things even when I know I will have to yell at him in the next instance, the things he does and tries to say are interesting and at times amazing.

He is also quite the source of comedy for me, they have been teaching him and the other kids in his daycare class different parts of the body, arm, elbow, knee, you get it. So to make things interesting I taught him epiglottis, that’s the dangling punching bag thing in the back of your throat in case you were wondering lol So now I can say GSS where’s your epiglottis and he opens his mouth and says “AHHHHHH”, just waiting for the day that daycare mentions this lol.

His favorite song is The Wheels on the Bus, he sings it constantly, a few weeks ago he was singing it at the table after dinner and starting doing it like he was put on slow motion, totally cracked me up so I started doing it along with him, we do it all the time now, fun stuff !

We just got word today that DSS / The State will no longer pay for daycare and now it will be coming out of pocket, yay!!!  Another expensive to add to the ever growing list!



Bless her heart, she currently has bronchitis and coughing up a storm, she was sent home from work the other day and stayed home yesterday and did a bunch of work stuff on her laptop to catch up on office duties, she starts her promotion to manager on Monday.

On top of that she keeps doing and enabling her daughters, best thing is when she goes to do something for them she always says “ What I won’t do for my kids”, not such if she is expecting I’m going to suggest her for Sainthood or what but she only says it to me and she knows I think she’s wasting time, money and effort on either of them, I just never reply, just like when she tells me one of the stories of woe that SD20 is going through, she doesn’t often do that with SD26, only every once in a while when she feels she needs to do something nice to make up for all the tough love lol  .



 Still planning on moving to her Dad’s home state but wavering from time to time, he hasn’t helped this, he will pay for a one way plane ticket but then she couldn’t bring most of her things with her and her doesn’t want to drive all the way down here and back with a U-Haul trailer, plus he doesn’t think she will last any more than 3 or 4 months, which he could be very right. In my opinion it’s his turn to put up with her for a while in every capacity, I’ve done my time and then some. He’s right she probably will flake out and want to come back here, but he isn’t helping by saying that upfront, I need this kid gone!  She has no direction, no plan, no desire to do or make anything of herself, she is one of those wants everything for nothing and thinks it will happen if she just keeps not doing anything, it will just fall in her lap.  Another entitled, lazy pothead destined to accomplish absolutely nothing.



Still an addict, still not doing a single thing she was told to do to get her kids back, still technically homeless ( she couch surfs until the host figures her out or just tires of her ), still blames everyone and everything for her problems, and still breaks her mother’s heart on a daily basis.

On this coming Monday she has court for her latest drug charges, manufacturing and trafficking and even better ………. It’s a jury trial!  So I am unsure if offenses from other counties can be brought up or her history with DSS but I sure am hoping so. I want this kid so badly to be thrown in prison for an extended stay, it would get her out of our lives for a while, plus her mother would actually worry about her less because she would know where she was lol

When I am forced to be in the same place as her I just ignore that she is there, I don’t look her way, and I don’t speak to her and only respond short answers if she speaks to me.  I only feel anger towards this kid for all she has done to all of us, DW and I should be enjoying our GKs not raising them and enjoying our time together not spending almost every waking minute on others.



  Well it’s end of year at work so the past few weeks I have been busier than a one armed carpenter, I still don’t know why I am so underweight and may have lost more as my ulcer stirred up last week after being dormant for almost 15 years (stress? What stress????) I try to enjoy things but I just seem to be angry all the time, even if I have a brief lull it comes right back, I really need to try meditating or something.  I have been totally of track with my Faith, I haven’t been reading the Bible every day, I haven’t been praying like I should, I have allowed a lot of darkness to overtake my mind and I know it’s not helping, it’s been hard. I know that God doesn’t abandon us but it sure has felt like it the last few months to a year.  DW and I have discussed looking for a church in our new hometown, I think it’s something we both need, and it’s just not an easy thing to do.  I’m not much of an “Organized Religion” type guy, I’m more of a personal relationship guy (if you know what that means), so many politics and personalities at churches can just ruin the reason for being there in the first place, but I digress.

Overall I am keeping my head above water, trying to keep an inventory of myself to improve upon and hoping that the New Year is somewhat better than the past one.


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you can change is you. Always be good to yourself. It's really easy to lose track of yourself in the midst of chaos. I hope that this coming new year brings new direction and peace for you and your family. 

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Thanks Amy !  I don't try to change others, ok well GSD but that's kind of part of the job, she has a bag full of cats in her head due to everything she has gone through and we all (adults) helped to make her entitled, we all treated her like a princess for years due to all the chit her mother put her through, now we are paying for our mistakes and trying to remedy the issue to direct her in the right path, basic parent job just extra baggage to deal with lol

Some peace would be great! I just want to find the guy I used to be, he's in there just hiding while the storm rages on.

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Hey Blunder, I"m glad you're finally (sorta) catching your breath. I'm glad you're enjoying the grand skids a bit and not having to living with the skids, although it seems they aren't fading into the background as much as you'd like. :/

I'm not really big on organized religion, either. Thankfully, my faith is more of a relationship with my creator and doesn't really adhere to a particular denomination's doctrine. So I feel free to attend church whereever I like. I've attended Catholic, Methodist, Baptist and Presbyterian (PCA). The church I currently attend is Methodist and I chose it because of their ministry and missions. They do a LOT of service in the community, locally, nationwide and globally. Love it Smile

I hope you two find a church where you feel welcomed and walk away refreshed. Might I recommend looking for a Community Bible Study? They are fantastic - very accessible and scholarly. I did about 7 years of study with them and it's completely non-denomiational. There were Catholics and all manner of Protestants. No doctrine was allowed. Highly recommend. There isn't an evening CBS near me or I would love to start up again.

Congrats on your new home. I'm hoping you have as much peace and comfort in your new home as I do in mine.


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Hey Futuro !  Thanks, we are trying to enjoy the Gskids but more like they are kids and not grand kids, we don't get that luxury Cray 2

I've never been to a CBS but I like the sound of it, were in the South Baptist South  lol  I have been a member of types of denominations but it comes down to the people and what the church does outside it's walls that matter, we want to check out a place that already reached out to us, they do alot of Mission work close to home and that appeals to us, I don't care about the denomination, as long as there is no crazy snake handling going on I'm ok with it.

We still have alot of settling in to do but we will get there, a new place feels new for a long time to me.


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Exactly, on the no snake holding stuff. LOL There's different seasons in our lives. There's a time to be fed and a time to serve. Not saying I don't have anything new to learn, but I don't need a church to feed me. So, like you, I looked for a church where I could serve.


Hope you feel welcome and the church is filled with good people and not Pharisees and Judgy McJudgersons.

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You and I are so much on the same page with this, I can't stand Pharisees, praying loudly in the temple. We like laid back, humble, real people who want to be the hands and feet and a place where gifts are cultivated and nurtured.

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Good to hear from you Major, I think the SD situations will sort themselves out eventually (jail).

Try and take time for you and help sort yourself out, it's hard when you are doing so much for everybody else to remember you need self care too.

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Hey Advice, Thanks !

I really do hope she winds up in jail for awhile, the last time was just about a month and it was glorious !  I know that's horrible to say but she really belongs there.

Self care is comming along, I need to just get through the end of the year and then I can start on some real changes, small steps along the way but I'll get there.  I just keep a healthy diet of Dr. Who and DC comics TV ( Flash, Arrow, etc ) as long as I enterntain the kid inside the adult never actually takes over completely  Dirol

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When Meth Mouth went to jail for three months one time it was the best three months of our lives.

I'm not so big on the Marvel or DC that's my DH and BD, I'm more into the Whedon universe and all things Nerdist Smile

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3 Months would be great but hoping for years !

I too love all things Nerdist and have the complete FireFly series on DVD, including the Movie !

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Major, I pray that things settle down for you and that 2019 is a better year. {{{{HUGS}}}}

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Brewskis would be great, I haven't drank in months, darn kids and responsibilities lol

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Congratulations on the move.  And hey - if you don't need the stuff that's in the shed for at least 6 months, you don't need it all all.  That's my motto.

Hugs and keep groovin!

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I actually agree with you on the 6 month rule, but it's not all my call.  DW already feels like we got rid of alot just to move in the first place and there are things that are already slated to go that she isn't happy about but that's why the rent storage sheds lol

{{{{{{{{ Hugz}}}}}}}}}

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Thanks Nowire, I've been around just haven't been blogging, I try to keep up with everyone as best I can even if I don't post I read so I know what's happening to everyone.

Still love your avatar, one of my favorite films !

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Major when all else fails have a shot of Tequila Smile You've had a busy year and the whole stress of moving and taking care of grand kids and dealing with dysfunctional step kids will take a toll. Try to find some time to take care of you. Go some place quiet if that's possible, meditate, take a deep breath and pray for strength to get you through.

2019 will be a better and more satisfying year. You are a good person and will be rewarded for all your good deeds and intentions. I truly believe that.

Toast to you for being a great human being!

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Thanks Siem ! I'm not necessarily looking for reward, a little easier path would be nice for a change. All out of Tequila, have some Moonshine though !

Finding quiet time is difficult, work is my solice at this point, that sounds so sad  lol