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SO problems?

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So this isn’t actually about my SD this is about some problems I’m having with my SO .So I’ve always been kind of envious of BM my SO was so head over heels for her and obsessed with her honestly he let her walk all over him cheat on him all the time spend all of his money leaving him completely broke. And would never leave her only reason it ended was because she finally left for another guy 3 years ago.

Acting weird

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So SD6 has been acting very strange recently she has all of the sudden become very affectionate with my SO whenever we’re talking to each other or watch a movie or anything she runs up and hugs on him and gives him kisses and stares at me while she does it and says I just wanted to give you kisses daddy.

Don’t know anymore

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Nothing is getting better my SD6 is still driving me up the wall she’s terrible. I can’t stand it she annoys me to no end I just can’t anymore with her. She gets in trouble at school and on the school bus all the time because she won’t stay in her seat or stay quiet she does not listen at all.

School Open house

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So my daughters school is having an open house tonight at school and my SO was supposed to go with us but he just told me he doesn’t want to go now and told me i can go if I want. His daughter was supposed to start school already too but due to her not having paperwork yet to register her she hasn’t yet. It made me upset because I guarantee if it was for his daughter we would be going.


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Do you guys watch your Skids while DH is at work? I’m losing my mind she should have started school last week but BM took to long to send her paperwork we need to enroll her and we’re still waiting. Meanwhile my daughter same age already started. So it’s just me and her alone all day and it’s weird and frustrating.

Ideas as to why SD is doing this?

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So I explained our whole situation in a previous blog. My SD is 6 and now living with us after not seeing us for awhile. Recently she’s picked up the habit of hiding things which I find very odd.

She took my phone the other day and hid it under her bed she has a tablet and other electronics so no reason she really needed to take mine. Then she hid the tooth paste. Today it was my hair spray she hid it in the shower. 

Step daughter driving me crazy(super long)

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So little back story me and my SO have been together for a year and a half we both have children from previous relationships. When I first met his daughter she had come down to visit because her dad had just moved here. she was great no problems nice little girl.