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Don’t know anymore

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Nothing is getting better my SD6 is still driving me up the wall she’s terrible. I can’t stand it she annoys me to no end I just can’t anymore with her. She gets in trouble at school and on the school bus all the time because she won’t stay in her seat or stay quiet she does not listen at all.

She won’t eat barely anything I’ll pack her lunch like a lunchable or something because I know how picky she is and she will only eat the cheese. I’ve given up on trying to get her to eat healthy or anything at all really she’ll cry and cry and cry and since she’s crying she’ll throw up every single time this happens it’s not a one time thing.

 She takes nearly two hours to eat a meal because she takes the smallest bites possible unless it’s what she wanted like chips or cookies or snacks like that then she will devour them. My own daughter is six as well and it’s not fair to her that my SD gets special treatment and doesn’t have to eat what everyone else is because she’ll cry and throw it up.

As horrible as it sounds everyday I’m getting more and more broken down and giving up on trying to teach her manners and respect for other people and healthy eating habits her moms not in the picture anymore and her dads kind just dumped most of the parenting on me and I’ve been trying but I can’t anymore. 

I thought at first maybe it was because she wasn’t comfortable here so I did everything I could to try to make her feel welcomed but she’s been here for 6 months now and she’s gotten pretty comfortable but her bad behaviors haven’t gotten any better not even a little I’ve gotten no where with her no progress it’s frustrating.

I just don’t know what to do anymore. 



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He’s nearly 9 now, and the vomiting has stopped, but the rest of it is still the same. The best th8ng you can do is to limit mealtimes to 20 minutes or so.  With a timer. When the timer dings, the food goes away. 

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Let her go hungry on the weekends,  she will eat when she gets hungry and clear the house of all the goodies first.  Timer is good idea too.  

Did dad give you power to discipine or are your hands tied with anything to do with her?  I had a friend who's daughter would work herself into fits of anxiety and throw up.  Its something she can control, sounds like the rest of her life is out of control.  Can you get her some therapy? 

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That’s a good idea I will try that. She lives with us moms not in the picture anymore she told us to keep her 6 months ago. Yeah I’m allowed to displine her but when I take things away or put her in the corner it doesn’t do anything she’ll be upset about it but then turn around and go do it again.

Im not sure if it’s an anxiety thing it could be I’ll ask her doctor next time. But  she just says that it’s yucky and I’ll ask if she’s ever had before she will say no but it’s yucky so we will ask her to take a bite and she’ll take a bite and won’t swallow it and will hold it in her mouth and start crying and then throw up. 


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I can see both sides of this. I remember being a small child and my step dad forcing me to eat fish, which I hated (and still do, my secret shame). On the other hand, not all foods can be yucky. Has your SD been tested for autism? It could be sensory issues stemming from that?

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I was going to suggest sensory issues as well as ADHD. If you have not already consult with her peditrician. 

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Counseling. Get this kid some counseling. Trauma drives behavior. And often once a child’s living situation stabilizes the behavior often worsens before it gets better. 

A good counselor can also help you manage the behavior.

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Yeah I would totally understand if it was one or two things she didn’t like but it’s nearly everything that isn’t chips and cookies and junk food. Yeah I will definitely look into counseling for her she probably does need it and that way I can also know what’s going on with her

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About the food 

SD14 was like this at 9 and she still is. Look up food sensitivity disorder or extreme picky eating.

I also went through the toddler steps for introducing new food to SDs ages 9 and 7 and that helped...BM and DH had never properly introduced food to them.

Note is worked great for SDthen 7, she loves almost all food now. SDthen9 another story. Food sensitivity is related to autism (does she have extreme reactions to clothing too?).  However you have to rule out simple picky eating first. Lots of web guidance one that out there.