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Do you guys watch your Skids while DH is at work? I’m losing my mind she should have started school last week but BM took to long to send her paperwork we need to enroll her and we’re still waiting. Meanwhile my daughter same age already started. So it’s just me and her alone all day and it’s weird and frustrating.

Shes only six but my goodness it’s like she knows every button to push already. She talks constantly to herself always making noises or talking. There isn’t even a moment of silence she has to talk I’ll ask her to be quiet please and it’ll last about 30 seconds maybe. It’s like she has to think out loud.

She has to have her tablet or tv turned up insanely loud and I’ll ask her to turn it down please and she will say but i can’t hear it and start crying. She’s a huge crybaby she cries over everything it drives me crazy. 

Im hoping her paperwork comes in soon because I don’t think I can handle just me and her alone much longer.


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Hold up... BM didn't enroll her like she was supposed to?? What is your custody arrangement? I would refuse to watch her if BM is primary! 

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NO. Skids are there to spend time with the bio parent. If the bio parent is not there, why are the skids there?

Your DH needs to make arrangements for SD. Daycare, a babysitter, HE takes time off and stays home...

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She was living with her mom in another state she came to visit for the summer. BM said she’s goong through a hard time and told us to keep her.  So instead of us having to drive 10 hours to get paper work she said she would mail it. But she finally just got it out so hopefully it gets here soon.

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So why not send her to her room and/or completely remove the tablet / TV? Sure in the short term you’ll have a screaming, crying kid but in the long run she’ll learn the rules.

She’s 6. You’re an adult. That means you have all the ability to change things now if you stop catering to her.

If your partners the issue then tell him either he supports you or he can provide the care himself. 

If BM is telling you to keep the child then you guys need to get the court involved ASAP to protect yourselves and more important the child. You're frustarted with her behavior when clearly BM wasn't that great of a parent. I wonder how much attention BM gave her?

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She doesn’t like to be alone she freaks out and starts bawling so she needs to be where I am when no one else is around.  She refuses to be by herself normally this wasn’t a problem because my daughter was around so the kept each other entertained. 

He thinks his baby is so well behaved  whenever I try to talk to him about what she’s done wrong and that he needs to take care of it. He flips it around and starts talking about what my daughter has done or how she acts. It’s frustrating because I acknowledge my daughter isn’t perfect she has her moments but it’s like he can’t hear that his has done anything wrong.

Yeah I’ve been telling him we need to go see a lawyer to fix the custody agreement and stuff he says yeah we will but always puts it off. 

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If DH has joint legal, he can get her enrolled in school, and then go to the lawyer.

If he doesn't have joint legal, he needs to go to the lawyer yesterday. If paperwork doesn't show up the lawyer can advise how to get SD enrolled in school without it.



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I do watch SO's kids while he's at work. But I enjoy doing it and it is 100% my choice - if I didn't want to they'd go to a sitter.

What was the paperwork?  Have you tried just taking her to the school, filling out what registration paperwork you can and telling them the rest is coming?  What do they need beyond a birth certificate and vaccination records, copies of which could be faxed?