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School Open house

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So my daughters school is having an open house tonight at school and my SO was supposed to go with us but he just told me he doesn’t want to go now and told me i can go if I want. His daughter was supposed to start school already too but due to her not having paperwork yet to register her she hasn’t yet. It made me upset because I guarantee if it was for his daughter we would be going.

So my daughters father and his girlfriend are going to it so I said I’m just gonna go with them we are all very civil with each other we all have a good relationship with each other for my daughters sake so we can do things like this together Anyways he got mad at me. Like your the one choosing not to go. 

Im just frustrated because I know he doesn’t wanna go because he wants to stay home and just play video games that’s all he ever does. I do a lot for his daughter but now that I’ve asked him to come with me to this one thing it’s like he can’t be bothered how is that fair.


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Stop doing for his daughter. It's time for him to stop playing video games all of the time and be a big boy. A supportive boyfriend and a parent.

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It shouldn't take more than a click click from SD's previous school to the new school. She needs to get started. The little one has been through enough without starting a new school year already behind the other kids. 

Perhaps putting his controller down from his videos and making his daughter a priority .... meh, I'm sure you already know this.

Anyway, to your actual blog. Yes, you go. I'm not sure I'd dive and attend together with your ex and his GF, but no reason you can't meet and greet them at the open house. You're all attending the same function and I'm sure your own kids will appreciate both her parents made the effort and act civilly in the same vicinity. 

Let the blog sit there and take up space on the sofa playing his games. Just be sure you don't marry this guy or have any children with him. You've written nothing across your blogs that makes this guy sound husband nor father material. 



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If I do it won’t get done sure he will feed her but thats about it. I totally agree but he doesn’t see it that way he straight has an addiction to it he had to play it. He called into work today because he was “sick”. 

This was at 5am but instead of laying down and going back to bed like most sick people would he hopped straight on his game.

Yes his daughter is supposed to go to the same school as my daughter same grade and everything. Yeah he told BM to let her stay with us BM said she’s going through a hard time so asked us to keep her and he told her we would and just came home one day and told me she’s staying.


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She’s starting kindergarten so that was the problem she doesn’t have records from another school. Oh yeah I don’t plan on it unless he steps up his act.

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That SD is home with you all day ?   If not going to school ?   NO, NO,  No. you are not a babysitting his daughter and him playing video.  Tell him make child care arrangements for his DD.  And make plans on how to feed her because if he can’t go to Open House, then you are not doing anything for his daughter 

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It sounds like there’s some growing up to do on both ends. For you: just go by yourself. Your problem is you are expecting him to do this with you because you do it for him and his. That’s your first mistake, NEVER, never ever do anything for his kid expecting anything in return because you will be disappointed every single time. If he doesn’t want to be a team player when it’s for your kid, accept that and adjust your output accordingly. It’s okay to go by yourself too ya know. As for him, he seems selfish and immature. Does he do for his kid because you make him or his ex makes him? That’s not really parenting then. Sit down with him and have a conversation. Tell him this is an all or none kind of partnership and if he wants you to go with him for his kid then he should reciprocate. No one LIKES going to Open House, but as parents we suck it up and go. 

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You know.. It's ok if he doesn't want to go to an open house for your daughter (not his).  It's ok for you to also not go to an open house for HIS daughter (not yours).