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Acting weird

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So SD6 has been acting very strange recently she has all of the sudden become very affectionate with my SO whenever we’re talking to each other or watch a movie or anything she runs up and hugs on him and gives him kisses and stares at me while she does it and says I just wanted to give you kisses daddy.

It wouldn’t be odd if it wasn’t happening so often now it’s nearly 7 or 8 times a day maybe more and if I get up from where I’m sitting she will take my spot and be cuddled up to her dad when the seat on the other side is open. it’s just really weird because she just started doing this I don’t know if she’s jealous of our relationship or what’s going on has anyone experienced anything like this before? 


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I would call her dad out on not defending your seat for one thing.

With the kissing and staring at you, I would directly call SD out on this: “If you love your dad so much, why are you always staring at me when you kiss and hug him? That’s very strange. Most people look at the person they love while they hug and kiss... just saying...”

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Tell her to move over. You have to say it. She needs To understand her role  as child. I went through this with SD13. We told her I am wife and she is daughter and she doesn’t get to cross those boundaries.