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Very much off topic

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Sorry but I'm sitting here at work in tears and need to vent.  I just read the story about the dog that died after the owner was forced by the airline to put it in the overhead bin.  A 3 hour flight!!   I love animals (more than people believe me) and this hurts me to my soul.  How could anyone be so cruel.  Tell you what......if it were me and I had to take that dog would've been out of there once we were airborne.  And I would've dared that flight attendent to come at me!  I am so outraged right now. 

This past weekend

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Well, BM did show up to SO's nieces birthday party.  My stb SIL called me earlier to say she was coming and that her daughter felt put on the spot when BM asked if she could come.  She was also concerned that I would think she invited BM.  We were bowling and had 4 lanes.  I stayed on one side and BM & SD16 stayed on the other.  SO called out to SD16 but she shook her head no and went over to BM and leaned up against her - buried her head into BM like a freaking 2 yr old.  He ignored it and we continued bowling and laughing.  SD16 finally went up to SO and talked to him - I didn't liste


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Previous blogs had been about what a terror SD18 was - but since moving out of BMs house, she has done a complete 180.  I enjoy being around her again.  Now, BM is all focused on SD16 who was previously no trouble at all.  She even said she hated the way SD18 was behaving and treating their dad.  Well, SD16 is not talking to SO and hasn't come over in months.  She's supposed to be with us EOWE.  Her "anger" stems from a lousy $150 that he put in a savings acct for her.  She's mad that he won't give her the money.  But - we know its all BM putting her up to it - SHE wants to get her hands on

Is it petty of me to laugh about this?

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Plans for our summer wedding are in full force.  SO's son lives across country and his ex-girlfriend booked their flights so his son can be in the wedding.  He gets along with his ex and she & I have been friendly too.  No problems there - she is a sane, normal BM.  She will also attend our wedding with her husband and daughter.  When SO & I were sharing our excitement about it, I realized that BM1 (the nutty one) will be PISSED that the ex-gf will attend our wedding and she'll be left out in the cold.  I literally busted out laughing.  The ex-gf is the one he took up with after he

BM trying to keep up

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Last I knew, BM was seeing this guy (my future SIL referred to him as the little fella). Just found out last week that BM has a new guy. She was with the little fella in Dec so this new guy could only have come around in the last couple of months. Anyway, she knows SO and I are planning our wedding. SD18 told us that BM and the new guy were looking at engagement rings. LOL - it kills her to know that SO is happy and has someone who truly loves him. I won't be surprised if she rushes down to City Hall to marry this guy she barely knows before we get married. LMAO

Future SIL and I still not speaking

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Since SIL called to go off about events that had nothing to do with me (previous blog), we have not spoken...that was 12/23. She recently sent a group text that I was included in letting everyone know she's having her usual Superbowl party and she wanted a head count. I didn't respond. SO did text back to say he was coming. Her next text was to ask if SD16 & SD18 were coming cause she needed that head count. He said no, just he was coming. 4 days later, I saw a missed call from her. I texted to say I was about to get on a conference call at work & I would call later.

I see changes in SD18

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SD18 has been away from BM and at a group home for about a month. She's come to visit us several times and I see some positive changes in her. I'm cautiously optimistic. My middle daughter works at her school and sees her there all the time - we're glad she's back in school. Yesterday, SO, SD16 & SD18 and I went to look at a reception venue. Back in the car, he said he wanted to ask them a question about the place. SD18 was on the phone and she actually told the person, Hey let me call you back, my dad wants to talk to me. Previously, she would have just kept talking on the phone.

I'm trying to warn him

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SO and I have begun planning our wedding for later this year. My vision is something very relaxed and fun. We're older so I don't want to do the whole traditional reception type thing. He didn't even want to get married the first time and says it wasn't anything big so he wants a big wedding & reception. Being tight on funds though, things are leaning more the way I prefer. (And he's ok with that now). With most people planning weddings a year in advance, many venues are already booked. We found two that would be great but there are limited dates.

Am I wrong in my thinking?

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SD18 is out of BMs house and at a group home; she is being transitioned to her own apartment. At 18, the custody order doesn't apply anymore as far as visitation....she can come and go without any say from BM. Here's my issue - SO still gets SD16 every other weekend. I would prefer that if SD18 wants to come visit, she comes on those weekends. We saw them both last weekend. Last night, he said that if SD18 wanted to come over he would go get her if I didn't have a problem with that. She hadn't called and asked, he was just asking me in case she called.