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Hi all.  I last posted April 2019. Oldest SD is now 21 with 2 kids (1 and almost 3). She is actually doing better but is still very immature. She is very emotionally needy with her dad. They talk/text throughout the day....EVERY day. I still disengage when I need to.  Holidays are coming and I'm starting to feel anxious abt some things so I thought I'd get back on this forum. There's so much support here which was very helpful before and I appreciate you all. Will leave it at that for now.  Thx in advance for the much needed advice and support I know I'll need.


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Holidays are the WORST for me. SD and DH have a constant call-text relationship too. And I'm sorry to tell you that she's 40+ so it doesn't necessarily get better as they get older. I'm not sure she's that emotionally needy but she does have a need to KNOW and CONTROL all things. And DH loves the attention. It's a weird kind of codependency I guess.

We will be traveling to see his kids and mine over the holidays. Anxiety is ramping up for me too.

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I'm with you! The approaching holidays stresses me out. It's just going to be a "show" of dysfunction . I don't have anyone there from my side of the family, so it feels very lonely and anxiety-ridden. 

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Ditto!  If we are out of the dog house by then, we will be traveling to visit with the Skids and SGKs too.  I am already getting that queasy feeling just thinking about it. I've come to loathe the Holidays....

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You will be out of the dog house long enough to bring gifts...then back in you go! 

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Holidays ramp up all the dysfunction, neediness, anxiety and craziness of steplife.  It will suddenly be better on Dec. 26, I keep telling myself.

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Post when you need to  - we are definitely hear.

Holidays are always tough, especially since my SD22 Feral Forger has been ramping up with her toxic sludge.