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SS is not without home

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From what I have read from others experiences. Skids get to an age where suddenly BM no longer wants responsibility. Typically, when she realizes the skid does not provide any financial substance for her to keep her kid. Sooo the skid falls into the laps of Step Parents to clean up the mess of the BM and to a varying degree the Step Parents Partner- Step Parents are burdened with additional responsibility because their partner does not parent them or they are guilty or maybe both.

I have a break- what the . . .

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SO dropped SS off last week and bought a bus ticket for him to visit his mother and his sister. SO took his phone away from him because there is pictures of the family on their (BM and SO are about to embark on a nasty legal battle)and SS doesnt need his phone as SS has decided he is not going to school. He is a higshchool drop out at almost 18 in feb, he has an almost grade 10 education and doesnt work.

I want SS to move out ie- go back to his moms

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SS is 17 and is turning 18 in February. He hasnt been attending regular school since he was 12. He chooses when he wants to go. In the mornings, he takes 2.5-3hrs to get ready: eat, take a shower, majority of that is on the phone, lying down, putting his head in his lap etc...he rarely makes it to the bus and has his dad drive him in if hes running late which happens to be around 1030.

Skids taking responsibility for their actions

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I just wanted to thank everyone for their input on my last blog...but I think its a consensus that the skids should take responsibility for their lack of interest in their half sister and for their own actions...and we cannot solely blame BM if her kids are assholes, its that nature vs nurture debate.
No I should not tell DH that his kids basically hate him and don't care, said it in a round about way...but Im sure he knows its true.

Sanity Vs Money or Rather Morals vs Immorals

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I have battled with this conundrum for A LONG time...that is, do you blame the Step Kids for their behaviour? or do you blame it on the immoral being that your DH/SO had sex with at one point?

I say this as it was DD birthday earlier this month she turned 1(mine and SO's Daughter), no phone call to say happy birthday, SD stb 18 and SS 16, never sent a word. SO was fired last year and just recently he has been gainfully employed and is making more than half of what he was making last year...yay for me right? lol wrong.

She got married

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Holy Canolie BM got someone can hopefully her husband, tantalize her nether regions finally! And stop being so interested in mine lol.

SO doesn't give a shit and for whatever reason i am intrigued...dont know why but probably because she caused so much drama.

Well heres something BM wont like:SO was let go from his job, his severence is running out and he wont be able to pay her the original amount because his job pays less.

Does anyone know if she gets the canada child tax benefit now that she is married and her husband is on disability?

Is this Legal.... in a Court Order

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So I have been getting a bit of anxiety lately I have no idea why but now it makes sense....I always get sick-physically, whenever BM is somehow in our lives.
SO gets his Final Court Order from BMS lawyer in the mail today and in it it says:
"The respondent Father will produce his Income Tax Return and Notice of Assessment and that of his spouse(even though we are not married and in a Common Law Type Relationship) no later than June 1st each year."