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Its been a while

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Its been a few months since ive logged on...i was preoccupied by things-esp that case with the Watts, so tragic.

Well SOs court date is in January(to see if CS will end for his 20 yr old highschool student daughter. in canada it go until 25-total BS), BM is demanding over $800 in CS which she is entitled too presently plus an additional $500 for post secondary expenses...did i mention SD is still not finished highschool, she'll be 21 yrs old by the time she starts college or university-good luck with that evil Bm.
SS was living on the streets as a homeless person, the only time he seems to contact SO is when he needs money. SS is on welfare and doesnt want to get a job. Pretty shitty of BM to kick him out as he was no longer financially viable.He now lives with a family apparently on a farm.Learned also that SS called the food we gave him, "dog food"- i wont be helping the family mutt anymore.

I have learned a few things over the several years that i probably put way too many years into, after enduring the endless amount of bull shit, un-necessary stress and anxiety, i have come to the conclusion that I no longer care about SOs little darlings, i really dont care what happens to them. That may make me evil and I have been ruminating in my head am i really this much of a bi&ch, apparently i am. But yes, I dont care. I even told SO this, again this Big Mouth its really hard to keep quiet when you see a trainwreck that keeps derailing your life. I am kind of done. I love SO, but I find myself checking out of things.

SS has called again, he only calls at night- it really irks hes up talking to his son.

Moral of this story, you put your D in Crazy expect crazy things to come out of it-literally...yikes...never again, will i do the step thing.

Hope everyone is enjoying the start of the fall season.


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Welcome back!!

NO, that does not make you evil. It means that any feelings you might have had for them are dead and gone.

Keep checking out of things. It will give you much-needed peace!

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We have a BM scrabbling to hang onto child support too, and even get more if possible.

I too no longer care what happens to my SS. I do care how it affects DH, though.

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You're not evil, you are what I would call FED UP and tired of the bullsh!t. All I can say is do what you think is best and take care of you. YOU are all you got and life is too short to live it feeling miserable. Your mental health comes 1st so to heck with everyone else.

Also, I couldn't stop laughing at your comment "Moral of this story, you put your D in Crazy expect crazy things to come out of it-literally...yikes...never again, will i do the step thing".

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^no truer words have ever been said ROFL

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Child Support aka Golden Uterus Support.

I really really hate that child support money machine. Its a sick system, its broken. The father is seen as an ATM sperm-donor.

Fed up with BS - I am almost there. I do care for Munchkin SD12, but teenager dome is around the corner and I know that it will be a difficult bumpy ride.