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BM Bringing the "Adult SD" to Court with her today

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I have been getting a play by play from SO on what is happening with him in court today. SO is in the process of ending CS for his stb 20 year old daughter who is still in highschool, its going to take her an extra 7 years to finish highschool because of her alleged "depression and severe social anxiety". She has worked 2 different jobs, her latest job is as a cashier, she has a bf - it seems that being in the public for a job requires her to interact with the people ie. severe social anxiety. We both know it is complete BS to the max...her alleged diagnoses.

According to SO and BMs lawyer it is in bad taste that the B brought her daughter with her and when its his turn to speak, SOs lawyer will be asking her to leave. SD has not said a word to SO or even looked his way so far.

BM tried to extort money from SO today and unfortunately SOs lawyer wanted him to take the deal. The deal: SO is to pay her $5000, $500/month until she is 23 years old regardless of if she is in school or not. BM has kicked SS out of the house as of the beginning of May. He is living on the streets as he is no longer a source of income.  Her son is 18, has a grade 9 education. He was living with us but BM coerced him into coming back to her so she wouldnt have to pay SO CS. It seems no matter what BM does IT comes out smelling like a rose. It is sickening what she has done. My parents dont want the drama so SO cannot really do to much for his son, as we were all living together. On her court papers BM lied and said SS vacated the home, not that she called the cops to get him out for the night and never let him back in. There are no charges or physical abuse by the SS.

I dont know how SO got into this situation well physically I do. But I have done a lot of rumination today, the anxiety, the anticipation, the constant drama with his trailer trash ex and her kids. SOs kids dont give two hoots about him, to me thats sad. I want to tell him what I really think of his trailer trash family, I kind of have but I have such disappointment, apathy at times and hate for the way his kids treat and view him. SS is coming around.
But still I cant think of this horrible situation, the step situation is not for the light hearted. Seriously- what was SO thinking getting with this Beast and marrying her? She is absolutely horrible, I too have thought of ending things as it is constant drama and the money hungry BM always wanting more and more and more- that we dont have to give.


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Your situation is one of my biggest fears. Praying that you have a judge that sees things for what they are!!

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Crap like this makes my head explode.  When I was getting my MBA I crossregistered and took some law school courses.   I am a very black/white, on/off sort of person which is why IT was great for me. The totally illogical no common sense law stuff is ridiculous. 

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“Makes my head explode” = me too when people act illogically, and not only get away with it but get nods of approval or allowance from others. 

Doing things right just isn’t that hard, and is often easier than dealing with consequences of doing things wrong. Unfortunately, today’s society seems to reward fee-fees based dramatics.

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"Of course I'll pay CS!" But she has to be a full time student with a part time job and is contributing to society! I want to see her to something amazing with her life! If she can do that I'll pay CS to help contribute to her future!" 

Since when is it legally required for a parent to support a USELESS member of society kind of ADULT? In any "non-step" situation the parents could choose to completely cut ties at 18! That's when they're no longer legally obliged. But just because they're a poor COD they apparently get unlimited suppport... Talk about a double standard. It's a bunch of BS. 

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First sooooo sorry.

Of course bm brought the adult kid to court. I am surprised that is all she brought.. Ladies from the Church group  named "Heckling, nosiest Bitties for Jesus" were my all time favorite. BM's mom, neighbors...So, consider dh lucky.

(10 hail Mary's tonight I promise Lord)

Of course the 18 year old is outside looking in. Some moms do that when they do not benefit from the kid.

Age 23 can become longer. Depending on circumstances.

So sorry.


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Thanks for your support and commentary everyone...will update tonight or tomorrow

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My DH also married a trailer trash woman, who went through recovery with him but after that became very abusive, towards him in front of the kids as well as to the eldest child.

Luckily, we are 50/50 (actually we pay for everything plus take extra days and I did child care for the summer. So we do not pay child support. And we rightly know that child support would NOT go to the child.

I hope things get better for you, although it sounds like kiddos have a long way to go.

I too tell him, "what possessed you?" regarding his ex wife who outweighs him and bullied him.