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Its My Affidavit!

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(All the previous court apperances were in the BMs region and SO was never represented with a lawyer until now. And the judge in BMs region was very caustic against men- this time SO was able to file in his region and happy to see a fair judge that seems to be very detailed and determined to decide on case law rather than emotion).

Well SO went to court on Wednesday to put the finish in his CS Sentence. He is one of the lucky ones who has paid for 2 decades.
Each lawyer was able to cross examine the other side, both SO and BM. 

While on the Stand BM kept messing around and saying, on the stand(i was not there) and looking at paper, repeating "Its my Affidavit", "This is my Affidavit" more than 3x. The judge gave SOs lawyer more time to cross examine as she was obviously using delay tactcs. It looks like BM will win a razzie award for best performance in a court scene. BM sunk herself on the stand, even the judge gave a shocked look to BMs response, when SOs lawyer had asked her why SOs daughter did not pursue a GED instead of being a 20 year old in highschool, BM scoffed and said, "A GED, well what is that? She just writes a test and then its over, SD needs this experience, she needs this experience".

SOs lawyer quoted a case with real case law, where a dad had gotten back his CS for his kids after 18, and it said someting a long the lines of, the kids are able to pursue whatever educational programs they want, but not necessarily on the fathers dime.

The judge is deferring the results so we will find out in a few weeks.

SOs lawyer thinks they won the case, for BM admitting she is delaying her daughters education and the fact that the judge didnt ask about SOs job prospects as he was let go from his job over a month ago.

Lets hope it works out, this is one step in keeping her out of our lives. 

I will update with the answer.


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I forgot your backstory; the new region/ new judge is where the BM lives now?   Around here you have to go to the court where the BM lives which is unfortunate because the BM has the entire court system and her Town wrapped around her finger and she will never move.

The Girhippo is doing nothing for SD 20 as far as education goes nor yss 16.   Would love to take her back to court in fact are going to do so just to get a downward mod.  Feel your pain about the two decades; Chef is in the same boat!  They divorced when yss was a toddler.