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It's a grading miracle!

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Semester grades have finally been released for SSs. 

One SS had a D first quarter and a D plus second quarter in English, but his semester grade (the one that goes on the transcript) is miraculously a C+. The note says "assignments - 67%, grade adjusted due to  modified course expectations." 

BM refuses to help SS with bank account

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SS will be 17 in a couple of months. He's been working for six months. Apparently, in all that time, BM has refused to help him get a bank account. Apparently, she requires that he give his check to her and she cashes it and then gives him the money. His employer would like to do direct deposit, so SS has texted DH asking if he can help him get a bank account. My first instinct is that DH should not get involved, but really, what could BM say, "how dare you help SS get a bank account!" They have joint legal custody, so she wouldn't have an argument there.

Now BM has covid and skids are coming over

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For anyone who read my blog about BM trying to use covid to keep skids on Christmas Eve, now BM has covid. She got it at a work trip last weekend. But skids still plan to come over because they tested negative two days ago. We only know this because surly skid sent DH a text saying, "we're all negative." When DH told them to bring masks, skid replied, "I'm not wearing a stupid mask!" Just love being a stepmom...hard to protect a newborn when others don't take health precautions seriously. 

BM cares about covid, just in time for Christmas

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DH's Christmas time with skids is supposed to start tomorrow evening and go through the 27th. For those not familiar with my story, DH fought for years to get the full Christmas Eve / Christmas Day holiday every other year and finally got it by offering BM more CS. BM took the additional money and then immediately told DH she had no intention of following the holiday schedule. She has tried to fight him every year to have skids on Christmas Eve since her family "only" celebrates Christmas Eve. DH's family typically celebrates Christmas Eve as well, but that's another story. 

Skid treats our house like a hotel

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Skids are almost 17. DH has told them that he knows they have plans with friends and despite the fact that he wants to see them, he will understand if they choose not to come on weekends. One texted on Friday and said he was working both days (it's a 20-30 minute drive each way), so wouldn't be coming. DH told him that was okay. 

Show up at MIL’s for Thanksgiving and SS is there

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This year, SSs are with BM for Thanksgiving under the CO. Earlier this month, MIL says to DH, "I looked at pictures from last year and SSs were here last year, so they are not with you this year." DH confirms. As we're driving to MiL's house, DH gets a text from MIL saying, "oh, by the way, SS texted me on Monday and asked if he could come to thanksgiving. BM says it's okay. He's going to help me with my Christmas lights.

OT - Spoiled Sister-in-Law is getting married

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DH has a younger sister who has always been the princess of the family. She is in her 40s and I always thought she was opposed to marriage, but apparently, her SO of 5 years proposed and she is getting married in June (not sure why so soon...that seems quick to plan a wedding, especially since she lives in a foreign country). 

DH skips a weekend and BM’s life is hard

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Last weekend was DH's weekend with skids, but we had a family event out of state, so DH decided he would just skip his weekend. For context, SSs are nearing 17, so when they do come to our house, they mostly hang out in their rooms or go out with friends. They will sometimes eat dinner with us, one will play with DD a bit, and sometimes watch a movie with DH. DH sometimes plans things to do, but often we just have a regular weekend with chores, errands, or recovering from the work week. DH told SSs that he wasn't going to be around and both said "ok".

Where does she find these men?

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Apparently, BM has a new boyfriend. We know this because second SS finally passed his license test (after 6 or 7 tries) and the car that BM bought for this kid (the one she wanted DH to pay for and insure) is not worth the $5000 she paid for it because it's been "getting fixed" for at least a month. Last time SS was here, he drives up in another car. DH asks him if he got a new car. He replies, "no, it's mom's boyfriend's car." DH inquires as to why previous boyfriend's name has an extra car and is told, "oh, it's not his.