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It's a grading miracle!

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Semester grades have finally been released for SSs. 

One SS had a D first quarter and a D plus second quarter in English, but his semester grade (the one that goes on the transcript) is miraculously a C+. The note says "assignments - 67%, grade adjusted due to  modified course expectations." 

The other one had an F first quarter and a D second quarter, but got a C for the semester with the same note. This kid also got a D for the semester in US History (I guess the US History teacher didn't get the memo), so he has now changed classes to a new US History teacher...he currently has an F in his new US History class.

Both Skids currently have an F for the third quarter in English...

BM has not ended her streak of changing teachers any time either SS gets a mark of D or below...even when it's earned. 


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These giant toddlers will probably never be productive, I hope BM wants them to live with her forever. Just hope she doesn't get them diagnosed with something, or DH will have to pay CS forever.


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They have both been diagnosed as having "health disorder - not otherwise specified" on their IEPs, although I think one is no longer on an IEP. Both IEPs were useless in terms of being vague and BM's strategy was to always insist that they should not be required to do all coursework. One was supposed to be in resource room classes this year, but he didn't like the teacher, so he was moved out of those classes. The other one is convinced he will get a sports scholarship to college, so he had to be moved out of special ed English because those courses don't meet the requirements for admission to a four year college. They haven't done work for years (neither one did anything during "remote learning" due to covid, one even lost his school-issued laptop), so now it would really be difficult to tell if they actually have learning disabilities or if years of not doing work has just caught up to them. 

I think BM must have the guidance counselor on speed dial, though, because every year for the eight years I've known them at least one of them has changed teachers mid-way through the year because the teacher just didn't understand that SSs need special even switched teachers three times in the same year.

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The Girhippo got the ferals labeled "learning disabled/other."

IEPs didn't help anything as she did not reinforce the completion of homework, school work nor attendance.

It should be "Learning Hobbled-Bad Parenting"

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Yup...should be noted somewhere that a parent's low expectations of a child are the cause of the "disability". 

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Have been lowered into the dirt for quite some time now.

It's actually very frightening.  They are lowering standards everywhere including aviation and medicine.

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I would like to believe that there is not a college in the world who will take these two kids who read well below grade level and think that grades are just randomly assigned to you like a lottery and are not related at all to the work you do. I would also like to believe that there isn't a college in the world who will entertain BM calling on their behalf to keep them from flunking out...but I fear I will be proven wrong. One skid once said he was going to only take one class a semester when he was in college...I told him at that rate, he would finish in 20 years...

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To "higher" learning institutions.  As long as you wave money or have some humongous grants/loans, they'll be glad to take you.   Not unlike the attorney that represents a father in "family" court.  Said attorney knows it is a losing battle but will still be able to collect billable hours.

The Animal Torturer got accepted into community college for criminal justice despite her career truancy and solid D- average.  She lasted less than six weeks.

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I suspect that is how BM will keep us on the hook, having skids enroll in "college" despite their complete lack of college-level capability. 

My cousin's DH kept paying for child support because his kids enrolled in "college" took the same class at least three times and I think it may have even been a non-credit bearing remedial class. 

I've told DH he better start saving for a lawyer, so we can at least set up the terms under which we will pay and will not pay for college (e.g. must maintain good academic standiing, must be enrolled full-time, etc). Also, in our state, fortunately, the NCP is expected to pay the college, not the CP, so that removes some incentive for BM to try to work the system...doesn't mean she won't try.