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Confirmed: Podunk NY's School District is a Joke

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In Varsity chorus a score of 100 was given even though the comment says:  "student is submitting very little work from home; it has been difficult to stay in contact,  please respond to emails." 

I guess you could do singing online but I think this is mostly some music theory.

In PE score of 82 was given even though comments state: "student has had little communication with teacher; student is submitting no work from home." 

I'm thinking PE involves doing some sort of physical activity app and logging it.

In Theater class a score of 100 was given even though the comments say:  "student is not responding to emails; student is not submitting any work." 

This is probably written work on plays.

In History/Global, a score of 87 was given despite the midterm exam score of 49.  Comments: "student does not respond to email;  student has not submitted work during remote learning."

In Math the semester grade is 55 which is passing for the housesHitter as he has an IEP.  Comments include:  "inconsistent effort has affected grades;  student is completing little or none of the assigned work."

Food prep was given an automatic score of 100

English score was 43.  comments: "student may fail at present level of performance.  inconsistent effort on completing assignments.  student is not working to ability."

I'm sure the remote learning system with very little accountability is quite common throughout many school districts, not just the Girhippo's school district.


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Here- 4th qtr will only be graded if it improves the grade. So if they got a C for 3rd but do all the work they can get an A for 4th. However it can't get worse than a C even if they don't do anything at all. 

That might be why you are seeing the grades that you are. My kids have no idea that is the case, I told them it was graded like normal and I expect mostly A's with 1-2 B's as a minimum for my kids. 

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This is actually expected.  All three skids were never made to attend school, do classwork/homework or take tests by the Girhippo because it wasn't fun.

The Girhippo herself cheated her way through school and college.

For the housesHitter this is just extra months of vacation.

They have always received terrible grades and in some cases the Girhippo will do the work for them if she gets enough warning notifications from the school.  

Depending on if summer school is in session, which all three skids have attended since kindergarten to make up for the entire school year of doing nothing, the housesHitter will "make up the work" (TM)  there. LOL.

 I will not be shocked if summer school becomes remote learning.  Which will, as usual,  be blown off.  No matter what they will still pass him.

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I know of at least one district in our area whose idea of "summer school" is to fill a big room full of computers, sit all the kids down in front of them and have them work their way through "modules" (sort of like... no wait, EXACTLY LIKE Little Idiot's "college" class!) with one teacher that walks around making sure they at minimum stare in the general direction of the computer screen.

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It is snacks and socialization.  That is all.

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Is the housesh*tter supposed to graduate this year? If so that's why they don't care. With students like that it's easier to pass them on and get them out of their school.

I have a friend who teaches high school and he has told us the principle will actually talk to them about low performing seniors and to just grade them out so they can move on.

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He is in his junior year.

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Our district sent out a notification that this tri will be pass or fail. My kid struggled the last 2 tris with science and has gone from a D- To a B since I started teaching the material to him. 

He will not know this is what the district is doing, where is the inventive.  He has done way better distance learning at home with me while I work from home. It has been more work for  me, but good at the same time.

I believe they are doing this because of all the parents that are not able to or are lazy and are not monitoring and holding their kids unaccountable. 

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It's not just your school! The whole system in this country up to AND including college is a JOKE. Teachers and professors are "encouraged" (re: strongarmed) to pass kids and give out inflated grades. 

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That is failing to educate children.  I live in the Midwest, we used to consistently have the top testing scores in the nation.  Now?  Not so much.  Our school district was woefully unprepared for the epidemic and didn't set up any online classes until a few weeks ago and even those are "optional" so the kids get whatever grades that they had before Spring Break let out.  And we are in an "excellent" school district that has the HIGHEST school tax rate in our state.  

So the kids have poor reading/learning skills, and I have a SD17 that recently asked "if Nebraska was a city or a state" BUT our football team is ranked in the top 3 every year and our high school has the MOST options for extracurricular activities than any other school in our city! 

So we've got that going for us......which is nice  (movie reference anyone??)


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And I bet that teacher is currently looking for a new job to get out of a district that just floats the kids through.