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IRS headaches....daycare provider headaches...BM headaches--no, MIGRAINES!

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Well, the BM, even though the divorce decree STATES:

"The Father shave have the Tax Exemptions EVERY year"

decided to file her taxes claiming my SS7 so she could get money back for the daycare.

Oh, so I go to E-file our taxes and come to find out the child has already been claimed for tax purposes. I am NOT happy.

What is YOUR Christmas wish, Step-wise?

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My Christmas Wish stepwise, is that BM lets DH take full custody of their son, and he lives with us permanently. He transfers schools, and sees BM every other weekend, with her driving half way to pick up her son and to drop him off with DH.

Also she would get NO MORE child support for him, and we wouldn't ask her for any. And the cherry on top? Letting me adopt my SS so she's no longer such an influence in his life.

It's a wish that will never ever come true, but at least I can dream about it.

Merry Christmas to all!

"emergency" @ BM's house

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Apparently there was some type of emergency at BM's house tonight at 5pm and she called DH to see if he could come and get SS7 and keep him until Sunday evening.

She didn't go into ANY detail of what's going on. She did tell DH to not bother taking their son to school on Thursday or Friday. WTF? Is he SICK? (DH didn't mention he was.)

I've been BANNED!

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Apparently I have been "Banned" from stepping foot on BM's boyfriend's property. He informed DH that tidbit a couple weeks ago. Apparently *I* said something to offend BM, although when DH asked her WHAT I supposedly said, she refused to answer him and just said I "insulted" her.

We're moving!

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DH and I rent a house, but we'll be moving mid January to a different house. My mother, who's been having some health problems, has decided to sell her house where she lives (200 miles southeast of where DH and I live) and buy a house up here. DH, my DD and I will be moving into the new house she bought Thursday.

Gotta love the honesty...

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When DH picked up Ched from BM's on Thanksgiving morning (at 8 am!), the BM mentioned about the day AFTER Thanksgiving being Ched's 7th birthday. She said something about how lucky he was that he was having 2 birthday parties.

Ched said to BM, "Yeah, we're going to have one at my home and at YOUR home" pointing to BM. She said, "You mean your home with daddy and your home with me."

He said, "No, MY home, and YOUR home."

What do KARMA & BM have in common?

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Hubby paid off the arrears that was owed for 1/2 of September, & all of October...PLUS he paid all of November's before the end of this month (November!!)

He sent a 'bill pay' check via our bank, and it stated it would be processed November 12th. (received by the DCSE). This check was for over $3700!!

Hubby emailed DCSE recently regarding this payment that WAS posted on the 12th of November. He told BM that it would be there the 12th and it was, WHEW! He wondering what the hold-up was, because the status reads, "Unprocessed Amount" for that large check's amount.

Going offline for a bit (OT)

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Hello friends!

Just a quick FYI that I'll be absent for awhile. My mother is still having some issues with regards to her health. Last Mon. night she fell in a store parking lot, was taken to the ER, & numerous tests were done to her. The doctors felt it was her insulin going haywire. She's been on oral meds for awhile & they weren't helping, so Dr. put her on insulin...but then she wasn't being monitored closely enough that he was taking her off any of her oral meds, so she was getting too much.

My siblings put the FUN in Dysfunctional! (NOT about BM, for once!)

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I am estranged from my sister, JK. We never got along growing up. She has personal issues and doesn't own up to past mistakes she's made in her life. She blames everyone else by herself. She constantly digs up the past and holds it against the family. No one in our family gets along with her and just feel better off with her out of our lives...less stress that way.

I got a message on my cell phone today from her. She told me that our mom called her @ work to ask if she would call me to let me know my mom's in the hospital.

Caught BM lying...why does it not surprise me?!

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So BM was telling DH on Sunday when we dropped of SS that SS had to go to the optometrist. I mentioned, "I don't think it's been a full 2 years."

Hubby's insurance covers an eye exam but only every 2 years. When we took SS, he was given a prescription, and we got him 2 pair of glasses.

Well, we gave one pair to her, and we kept the other pair. She managed to LOSE the first pair about a month after we gave them to her. She blames it on US, even though SHE had control over them. How she figures THAT one is beyond me.