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What do KARMA & BM have in common?

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Hubby paid off the arrears that was owed for 1/2 of September, & all of October...PLUS he paid all of November's before the end of this month (November!!)

He sent a 'bill pay' check via our bank, and it stated it would be processed November 12th. (received by the DCSE). This check was for over $3700!!

Hubby emailed DCSE recently regarding this payment that WAS posted on the 12th of November. He told BM that it would be there the 12th and it was, WHEW! He wondering what the hold-up was, because the status reads, "Unprocessed Amount" for that large check's amount.

Now HERE is the Karma...DCSE is holding onto this check that was sent by our bank's bill Pay for TEN business days. So let's count ten business days from when it was received.

REceived LATE on the 12th.
Held the:
27th (*IF* DCSE works on Black Friday...if not, then the 30th!)

Oh, how happy is BM going to be if it doesn't appear until the 30th? The MONDAY after Black Friday when all the good sales happened?!

And this is ALL because she got mad back in April, 2008 at DH because he refused to go against the Parenting Plan's instructions to write the check & send it to the Child Support Clearing House.

He wrote her a couple checks before I let him know that I read that "any checks sent directly to the custodial parent can be considered GIFTS and not counted as Child Support/Spousal Maintenance payments." (not their exact wording, but that's the gist of their explanation!)

BM wanted Hubby to write all the checks directly to her. After I reminded her that wasn't what the Parening Plan stated, she told us, "Oh, THAT is just a GUIDELINE."

She got mad that he followed the rules, (aka, listened to me and not to her!) then went to DCSE telling them that hubby was in arrears. So ever since THAT time, DH has been defending himself against this greedy woman who's crying hungry with a mouth full of food!

AND Karma comes back to bite her on the arse. I absolutely have NO sympathy or empathy for her. She deserves every single day waiting for her money. Serves her right and there's NOTHING she can do about it...she can bitch all she wants to hubby and he'll just have to let her know, it's OUT of his hands.

Oh, and the answer to the subject title...what do Karma & BM have in common?

They are both a bitch!


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"crying hungry with a mouth full of food"

Great way of putting it - just make sure you refer her to DCSE when she phones to complain!