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BM is 6months in arrears for CS would you go after it?

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If your BM/EH was or is in arrears, what did you or would you do? Well today marks the day that BM is officially 6 months in arrears in CS due us. Granted it's not alot.... she only is supposed to pay $100 a month to us since DH's salary got drastically slashed (we have 50/50). She dragged her feet for 3 months, refusing to sign a stipulation, and then finally agreed to settle an hour prior to court. The judge signed the order in Feb, and we have yet to see a penny. She also per the agreement owes us arrears back to November 1. So it's been 90 days since the signed order, and nothing...... DH contacted the State to make sure it wasn't an error on their part. They said, nope. They hadn't even received the mandatory processing fee from her yet. Dh then contacted the county, who told him that they "will only enforce the CS if DH applies for case management service" (ie Pays $25 and fills out the paperwork) They kind of blew him off. I, being the biyotch SM told him that he should follow through because:
1. Out of principle. After all, BM has made a point to try to avoid paying CS and any expenses for the skids. She only paid us the $1000 of extra CS she had received in error, and the $1000 of medical expenses she owed us after we petitioned to hold her in contempt. Even if the county doesn't pursue it, at least we've done our part. And lets be honest. BM is a schmuck, and her not paying CS can go on the court records as such.
2. We have 9 years left of CS going back and forth. You can bet that at some point, she'll petition to have DH pay her again, or if the skids live w/her she'll be quick to want the CS checks. At that point, the county may dust off her file and realize that the measly $100 per month has grown substantially w/ interest (in our state they automatically charge you 12% when in arrears), and perhaps they will finally hold her accountable.


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You probably should. Plus, there's the added benefit that if you do follow through on this, it may be a TINY bit less likely that she'll keep trying to take advantage of you in other areas. It might stop her from thinking she's got free rein to do whatever she wants.

Our BM took advantage of DH financially for quite a while: among other things, she would tell him an amount every month he owed her in extra "expenses" but refused to give him receipts. He went along and continued paying for a while, then decided he would not pay any more until she showed him receipts. She refused for months, until finally I guess she needed the money -- but she submitted a ton of receipts that were for stuff she obviously bought for HERSELF! So DH refused to pay those, and then got a lawyer who told him to bill her for some money she actually owes HIM. So far, the end result has been that she refuses to pay him back, but since she knows he's asking her to pay him, she has dropped asking him for expenses. I could be wrong, but my guess is that she doesn't want it to go to court, because if it did, there's a possibility that the judge would award my DH upwards of $11,000.

At any rate, she has been badgering us a lot less lately...


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BM never paid DH either, for 2 years. We didn't do anything. But I personally don't think if its 50/50 custody that anyone should pay.

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Our BM was nearly a year behind in CS payments and is currently 3.5 months behind. Go after the money!!! Go through the state if you can. You just need to supply her info, the amount of arrearages and her place of employement. Add the interest to that and viola......

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DH and myself would be the first one on line at Family Court!

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Our BM waits for payment like a dog at the table, and if he is late at all due to commission only job, she goes ballistic and has tried to have him arrested for being late. If she would ever have let us have SD, I was so looking forward to watching her squirm out $700/mo. to us and see how it feels!!

I would do something just so she doesn't get too complacent. Plus she is legally obligated to pay! LOVE the interest, that is fair I think.

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