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DH & I got a letter from his "Pen Pal"

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His Pen Pal so to speak, is DCSE, Division of Child Support Enforcement.

WHY? Because he's in arrears. Why is he in arrears? Because he was JOBLESS for a couple weeks. Being jobless means, guess what? NO pay means...child support is going to be delayed until a new job is secured. Then, when a new job is secured, the pay is NOT automatically going to appear in a checking account. Which means, it takes at least 2-4 weeks before said payday gets credited, because you gotta WORK before you get PAID.

Funny how that works. Now BM is not letting hubby talk to their son on the phone as a "punishment" because he's behind on his child support.

What is rotten is that if we WERE to send in the amount he's in arrears, guess what? It doesn't go towards arrears, it goes towards the current support, so it's gonna be AWHILE before he gets out of arrears. It's like a never ending cycle.

On the UPSIDE, there are ONLY 44 days left of Spousal Maintenance for Money-Me. Less than a month and a half. YEY! I can't wait for December 1st.


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Sorry this is a little late, don't have internet at home. In my state child support and visitation are two different things. A custodial parent cannot withhold visitation because the other is not paying support. Is there a court order for any kind of visitaion? I don't know about where you live but in my state the custodial can be charged with a misdemeanor (or felony, can't remember which one) for withholding visitation. I would look into that.

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Caya, thanks for the reply. Oh, she'll be MORE than happy to have DH take his son more than what the parenting plan states...only because she doesn't want the responsibility.

It's the PHONE CALLING that we're upset about! She doesn't let DH talk to his son except maybe once every week. He wants to be involved and talk to his son, and right now the phone method is the best way since DH is working fulltime and going to school as well.

So she's not witholding visitation...just the ability for DH to talk to his own son on the telephone. The Parenting plan states, "Each parent may have telephone contact with the child during the child's normal waking hours." DH calls and it ALWAYS goes to the answering machine.

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