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The Exwife Saga

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My boyfriend's exwife called to say that after I sent a letter to the attorney who was drawing up the custody papers (my boyfriend's daughter switched schools because she couldn't live by our rules at our house and mommy wanted to run both houses and we wouldn't let her). The ex called boyfriend last week complaining that the custody papers were not filed and wanted my boyfriend to fix it. I sent a letter to the attorney and low and behold, more paperwork. Why can't she take care of her own problems. We only hear from her when she wants by boyfriend to fix the mess she created...

Weekend Alone

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Thanks everyone for their comments on being able to request one weekend a month where my daughter stays with her dad, grandmother, friend or godparents. My daughter spent the weekend at her grandmothers (Friday night from 8:00 p.m. until Sunday morning at 8:30 a.m.). She seemed to take it better this month than last month. I just want a break once a month. She seems to understand this a little better this month. Thanks to all for their advice, but I would never let my daughter stay at the house alone.

Alone Time Needed

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I have been divorced for 4 years now and my daughter lives with my boyfriend and I (going on 2 years). My daughter has very little involvement with her father (maybe once a month or so). She is 17 years old and a senior in high school. We have been through a lot since the divorce and my daughter has had some difficult times dealing with loyalties, separation anxiety, etc. She has been in extensive counseling and is continuing. I too saw a counselor to sort out some of the guilt feelings I have. First of all, I was married for 20 years with a husband who resented his own children.


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We attended my boyfriend's family funeral yesterday and all went relatively well. The exwife said hello and I tried to give the daughter a kiss and she turned her cheek. She never uttered a word. Then they came back towards her dad and she did give him a kiss on the cheek but never spoke to him and went to the other side of the room. As awkward as it was, at least the rest of the family (with the exception of one niece who has always snubbed me) were all very happy that we were there. We did forego the reception after the services and we went home.

Close Encounters

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We have not seen my boyfriend's daughter since her mother chose to take her out of the school district we live in and allow her to continue to break the rules at our house which was about July of last year. The only time my boyfriend has had contact with his daughter was when he sent her flowers on her birthday (she called and thanked him) and again the day after Christmas. Other than that, they have not really had any contact. We have to attend a funeral tomorrow and both the exwife and the daughter will be there. You see, the exwife is still very close with his family...

The Green Eyed Monster

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Ok Ladies - Here's one that has nothing to do with the kids...

I have worked for the same company for 15 years. My boss is 3 years older than I and has a wonderful wife and 3 children. We have been through thick in thin with my father's death, my divorce and problems with my children. He has always been very supportive and flexible. We work well together and respect each other as professionals and he treats me as one of his family members.

First Wife Returns

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We have not seen my boyfriend's daughter since the last huge explosion last year. If you remember, her mother tries to run her house and our house. I used to welcome her into our home for her daughter's sake, but that backfired. You see, my boyfriend has been divorced from his ex-wife since their daughter was 4 (she is now 16). The mother and daughter have manipulated my boyfriend for a long time - he used to mow her lawn, shovel the driveway, the ex-wife still attends all family functions on my boyfriend's side of the family "because she has been in the family for a long time"...

Dazed and Confused

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My daughter has a wall up when it comes to my boyfriend. She admitted to be jealous of my boyfriend and I think she also feels like if she is nice to my boyfriend it would be a betrayal to her bio dad (who, by the way, is terrible and very selfish and never puts his daughter first when it comes to spending time with her - maybe once a month he'll check in...). My daughter has been in extensive therapy and one of her goals is to have a better relationship with my boyfriend.

Its Been a Long TIme

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Hi All - It has been a long time since I took time to write, but nothing was going on for a while and life has been pretty content because my boyfriend's daughter has not returned. The latest development concerns her. My boyfriend moved his life from a city where he loved living to the school district where his exwife wanted his daughter to attend this better school district and she couldn't afford to sell her house and move to the school district. That was three years ago - it wasn't what he wanted, but he did it "for his daughter".

I Didn't Call

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Well ladies - I didn't call and I'm sure BF's daughter will hold it against me like everything else. Oh well. She did call her father and thank her for the flowers, but that was in the middle of her surprise party that her mom threw for her (flowers were delivered in the morning the party started at 6:00 p.m. and she called and left a message for her father at 7:10 p.m. during the party). I was glad for my boyfriend that she called and thanked him, although she waited for a long time before calling and I wonder who at the party convinced her to call...