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Close Encounters

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We have not seen my boyfriend's daughter since her mother chose to take her out of the school district we live in and allow her to continue to break the rules at our house which was about July of last year. The only time my boyfriend has had contact with his daughter was when he sent her flowers on her birthday (she called and thanked him) and again the day after Christmas. Other than that, they have not really had any contact. We have to attend a funeral tomorrow and both the exwife and the daughter will be there. You see, the exwife is still very close with his family...

I'm not to sure how the whole thing will go - the last time we were at a family event, the daughter was allowed to be disrespectful, not talk to us and had a snotty look the whole time - she didn't think I had the right to be there even though I had been invited by the family...

Any advice on tomorrow's encounter would be appreciated. I am going to be there to support the family, not to worry about how to act in front of the ex and the daughter. Ugh!


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As awkward as it will be. And it will be. Just stay focused on the matter at hand. When my Daughter's Grandfather passed away, we went to the services.(I remained close with his parents) It was the first time in 6 years my Daughter & I saw her Father. And the first time we saw his wife and kids.

Just breathe and be cordial. You can not control the actions of others. Give space where space is needed. And just keep breathing.

Best wishes. Jo

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BF and that is your place.. SO just be there for him and forget them. I know easier said then done.. I too am struggling with somewhat the same situation.. Turns out I am not as strong as I thought.

Your place whether his daughter likes it or not is with your BF he loves you and needs you now more then ever.. So just be there. Be pleasant.. If you will.