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Does anyone know if u are ordered to pay the same amount of cs if u are laid off? My DH is getting a lil more than what he makes in a week if working n this biotch had the nerve to tell him he still needs to give her the same amount, if he does give her what he did when he was working we wouldn't even have enough for our mortgage, let alone food n bills, their cs order is through court in Ca.
Any advice on what to do? He wants to avoid going back to court since they are idiots n only take forever to handle the cs order..

treat all ur kids equal!!

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I am ok with SD13 coming over..when I am not ok is when she trys to boss my kids around n even kicks them out of their rm!! She is very over protective with her stuff n yet if she wants to see something that belongs to My kids she will snatch it from them n yell "let me see it!" .. she is a VERY quiet girl (u know what they say about the shy n quiet ones) so to my DH she is an angel when really she isn't, this girl lies left n right n like I've said before she is ALL about material stuff I mean she is only 13 n has 3 DSi's, digital camera, lap top, ipad, iphone n still wants more!!

tired of this situation..

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I get along with my SD13 very good but I still don't agree that she deserves special treatment just because she doesn't live with her dad, everytime she is with us my husbands mood goes from just normal to super happy n excited all of a sudden he has all the time n energy for the kids n he laughs at their jokes watch's their shows n if not for me pleases her with everything n of course he is not like that with our kids..they only get what they want for special ocasions n if i wanna do something for them we dont have money n yet she gets what a person pays rent for an apt n that doesn't bo

Who here not only needs to deal with their SKIDS but also DH fam. Acting like skids have no SM?

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I have been SD SM for 9 yrs n till this day when ever we are at DH fam party or a gathering I cannot act ike a SM because his fam imedietly butt in as if I dont take care of her they wont even ask me "would u like me to serve her.. Can we take her..exct" they probably assume they have more right since they are blood related n im just plain o step bothers me n ive told DH 2 tell his fam to respect but I guess he feels I over reacting?

Do any SP here feel that because they are not the Bio parents they are taken for granted n not appreciated?

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Sometimes I feel like DH n SD dont c what I do for them n appreciate it.. I mean I do it out of kindness not to receive a novel price or anything, but still it hurts n pisses me off because it isnt my responsability n yet I still do it n no thank u or anything.. How dp u guys feel??

Who knows the correct way to fill out the c.s calculator (for California)?

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As some of u may know i am trying to get dh c.s lowered.. and ive been doing research so that we can go to court but avoid a lawyer.. but when it comes to the c.s calculator, im kinda stuck, I know how much she makes but there are some words/sections i dnt really understand...n if we r going to do it oue selves with out a lawyer i want to fill it out correctly.. please HELP!!!!