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Why would anyone with assets get married these days?

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I see this a lot on mano-sphere type sites, where I read stories of men who get taken to the cleaners in a divorce.  There is usually a high initial cost in the divorce, followed by stories similar to what we see here - endless arguing over alimony, CS, and "extras" for the kids.  Many men have sworn off marriage because it opens them up financially to tremendous loss.

Bad decisions that Skids make to complicate their (and our!) lives

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This is something that has been rattling around my head recently.  It seems in step-life that we see far more examples of immature, emotionally unstable, and downright foolish decisions by the children in our lives, as compared to what would be seen in an intact and stable nuclear family.  Here are some of my examples, what do you got StepTalk?

1.  Taking on expensive habits that they can't afford - cigarrettes, energy drinks, fancy coffees, fancy clothes they wear one time and forget.

OT (Sorta) - Question about pot-smoking and pregnancy?

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G'day fellow STalkers,

Was wondering if any of you had experience with the above-topic.  Specifically, wondering about the long-term implactions of women who regularly smoke weed during their pregnancy.  There seems to be little firm information on it, but given that this site is full of step-moms who live with coddled, pot-smoking female skids, I figured there would be some insight here.  Thank you.

Has anyone seen "tough love" work with skids?

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I know this is a concept foreign to most of the bio-parents discussed on this site, but was curious if anyone has come across the rare bio-parent that actually tried it.  My SO, like many, won't implement "tough love" requirements and consequences.  She used to say this was because she was afraid that she would "lose" her daughter, as the daughter is prideful and would retaliate against tough love by cutting all contact.  She even went so far as to say that pridefual daughter would end up homeless and sleeping out of here car, rather than give an inch in the relationship.  However, SO has l

Things have been better overall lately, buuutttt

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Man, SO's daughter has really amped up the entitlement a notch!

So for the good things:

1.  SO has been generally more pleasant and affectionate.  She has really emphasized spending time together when I am home, so much so that it cuts into my personal activities a little.  But I can live with that, it is nice that she is expressing an interest in being together.

How Common Is This

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The situation:  single male, NO KIDS, financially stable opens his home up to a single mom and her troubled kids.  Said mom and said kids move in rent-free, pay no bills, and make very minimal efforts to keep up the house.  

This is, of course, my situation, and this is, of course, the sweet deal that my SO has.  Yes I know it's unfair, and yes I know they should be paying some of the bills and doing housework.  But my question is this:  is this a very common offer for a man to make?  Do any of the women on here benefit from a similar deal?