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Sayanora SOS Job!

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For those who have been following, SOS (Significant Other - Son) relecutantly got a job at Target after sitting on his ass for 3 months after graduating high school.  He easily got a job, and displayed a surprising amount of enthsiasm for said job.

Well, it turns out that enthusiams was a lie.  He was just pretending to be interested in working to get us off his back.  He has called in twice in 8 days due to "anxieity" and "naseau."  I was wrong about him getting fired for calling in twice, but I think the third time might be it.  He is obviously trying to sabotage his job so that he can return to sitting on his ass and gaming 24/7.

Internet access is his main currency - will SO call his bluff and change the wi-fi password?  Shes talking a good game now, I but I bet she will fold when it comes time.


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I would just ACL his MAC addresses after changing the pwd (to a 26 character super complex pwd)

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Our work "phones" wifi connection is something similar

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That splinter in the food just slowed him down .  He looking for a better job. Has job applications in at Apple, Google, for president of the company's. They are looking at them 

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Does he live with you? If so, why don't YOU change the wifi password?

Paul, you put up with far too much bs. 

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have a sudden outage and need to replace the router... ooops can't remember to hook you up with the password bad

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This scenario was my biggest fear when I was raising my son.   Thank goodness it didn't happen.   A parent's #1 job is to raise their child to be a successful,  functioning member of society. 

I hope something turns around soon.