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So Much for SOS's Job! LMAO

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So, just two posts ago, I commented about SOS (Significant Other's Son) actually getting a job, and having a good attitude about said job.  Well guess what?  It was all an act!  Can you believe it? /s

SO told me that SOS attempted to call in today.  ON HIS SECOND DAY.  Claimed he was "vomitting" and having "stomach issues."  This was his go-to all through his senior year when he wanted to skip school.  He eventually missed the maximum number of days allowed while still being able to graduate, and magically the "stomach issues" stopped.  Well today he tried to call out due to "vomitting."  Which is bullshit, he was feeling fine all week while he was playing video games, lol.

To her credit, SO refused to allow him to stay home, and made him go to work.  He then tried to claim that he might have COVID, because one of his cousins just got it.  Only problem, he hasn't been around this cousin, so he wasn't exposed.  So that didn't fly either, and he had to go to work.

So, technically, he is still employed, but he is obviously working to sabotage this job.  He only gets to call in one time, and he will be fired the second time he calls in.  I have no doubt that he will call in twice and be unemployed again soon.  And he will think he has plausible deniability, and say that he "tried" and it's not his fault that he "got sick."

If SOS gets fired, SO is at least lukewarmly onboard with the idea of cutting internet to stop him from using his Xbox, but I'll believe that when I see it.  That is litterally the only lever we have to pull with him.  

I would be mad if I hadn't largely expected this.  What a lazy bum. 


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(NOT) A  leopard doesn't change its spots. 

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Ugh. This was the same for for my SD16.  She is currently on her 2nd job in 2 (large laundry se in between jobs)years.  She hated the first one, it was Burger King and came up with every excuse as to why the job sucked (they went too fast for her, the people there talked about inappropriate things that make her uncomfortable..) mind you no one ever really talked to her, it's just things she overheard.  And she couldn't figure out how to make change which I called her on because I know most registers Tell you what the change is (she wasn't happy about that I knew this-and it was confirmed ).  So we had her keep at it ..all until she decided to stay at BMs for 2 weeks and She let her quit for -'insert reason here'-she had only been there 2 whole months and each time she called out-it was mom who let her for..'insert reason here'.  She just recently got another job and we are waiting to see how long it lasts.  She doesn't like people and wanted to work with animals and is employed at a dog daycare.  She assumed she could just go and pet animals all day and didn't realize all the walking, And Cleaning she would be doing.  She usually has some sort of ailment (mostly because she sits on her phone all day and doesn't eat). But can never understand Why she doesn't feel good so maybe this will make her eat to succeed or she will fall on her face.  ..ugh..good luck with SOS 

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The job sabotage begins... right in the playbook. 
Little Idiot used to be the queen of this but this last job she's had for almost 8 months! Why? Because Goofy (her bf) also works there and she doesn't want to look bad in front of him. If he wasn't also working there, I have no doubt this job would be gone as well. 

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Time for Rag's burning platform.  I know its not as effective when your SO isn't backing the plan but you could remove the wifi whenever you are home.

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How about telling him in advance you're going to do this if he gets fired? He can either be your house slave or be out every morning looking for work until you get home. Motivate the bugger to stay at his job. Tell him that in the real world, nobody gets a free ride. Limit his choices and don't let your so interfere. 

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My sister is implementing a modified burning platform with my neice, almost 19. She's had jobs here and there since 16, then the divorce happened and a ton of stuff came out....she got what I think was a needed reprieve. But after HS graduation my sister told her, it's college or a job by 9/1, plus rent (a small amount to start) will be required.

I believe an argument happened but my sis told her, ok then, go find yourself an apartment..two days later neice agreed to deal. But as of today, still no job. The first one she quit, a pet grooming assistant when it became clear she was having allergies to dogs. Then she's rejected two others due to the hours (early afternoon to early evening....ideal! Mornings and nights off!). Sis thinks she's now trying to not work, sees through it.

So as of 9/1 her perks are going to start going away, no more 24/7 wifi (only for job searching), no more $$ for fun stuff or food, no more clothes, no gas money, etc.

Neice told me just over a week ago she was planning on enrollment for some classes this fall...Dear niece, you have missed fall enrollment. You need to get online and look at next dates, the soonest is winter or spring. You also need to look at requirements, you cannot just walk in and start.  

Oh boy.

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Bratty had a variety of ailments and always calls out, turns in homework late, etc.  It's not her fault of course, she is the victim.  That game is straight out of the messed up SK playbook.

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Right now, there are loads of minimum wage jobs out there, and if you are living in your all expenses paid, parents basement, then a minimum wage is a great income.  Cut off the internet, or change the login ID,at the house and the skid can go to the library or Starbucks or wherever to access the internet and waste their time there.  They can even apply for jobs in these places, so they don't need internet at home.   There is no excuse for playing games all day and night when your time should be spent finding employment. Add if you get a job, keeping it for more than a day.  Acting like an adult, when you are an adult, is not an unreasonable expectation.