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Blog Hogging sorry...having a mild freak out and for a stupid reason too

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Getting ready to head home within the next 45 minutes and DO NOT want to deal with the ensuing argument about osd wanting my car, (it's not even repaired yet), and me saying no. There's just been so much drama lately I feel like I can't handle any more.

I already have anxiety issues; right now I can't feel my feet, my face is going numb and I want to cry. I realize that saying no is all I have to do, it's the yelling and door slamming and stupid shit osd normally does when she doesn't get her way that I'm dreading.

Update to the Car Crunching and, of course, more Voldemort drama

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Hi STers, hope everyone had at least a half-way enjoyable holiday.

So..update on the car crunch,, we got the estimate on what it will take to repair the damage to my bumper: 2K, being paid for by osd's gran. Additionally, gran denied osd a birthday present in light of repairing my vehicle. At this point, I'm just glad it's being repaired. I have no interest in what message running and having gran toss money at all of osd's mistakes is sending to osd. Not my problem.

So my car is crunched now

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Last year, osdstb17 crunched dh's truck. Last night, she got in a minor collision and now the front end of the drivers side door is jacked up. Nothing serious, but it looks like shit now.

I literally just stayed on the couch finishing out Fable 3 when she came in with dh because I'm not surprised.

And Hodor is coming over for two days starting now.

And I have no whiskey.


Voldemort and Hodor update

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So this morning osdstb17 forwards me a text from Voldemort stating that she would like to take osd out for her b-day and spend some time with her. This is after MONTHS of NO CONTACT, other than osd sending Voldey a text about ysd smoking pot, (and calling her an idiot). To say that this is a contentious relationship is the understatement of the millennium. Osd's answer was, "no thanks", which is great because usually she takes any opportunity to carry on about what a horrible mother Voldemort is. (She really has done some very serious, mental and emotional damage to all three skids).

Hodor Strikes Again

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We've established that ss9 has issues. Last night he and dd, (also 9), were playing on our computers. Hodor starts banging on the desk for some reason, dd says, stooooop. DD decides to chuck laundry at him, Hodor decides to full on punch her in the arm three times.

Of course I lost my shit.

After dh took Hodor to the other room, I calmed dd. After that, I told her that there was no reason, EVER for someone to put their hands on her EVER. I also reminded her that when ss was making a ton of noise, she could've come to tell me or dh.

O/T meds and other things

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So I saw a psychiatrist last week for a med evaluation. After talking with her, she explained that ADD, depression, anxiety and lack of sleep, can overlap each other in terms of not being able to focus. She upped my ADD meds, prescribed some Ambien to get me on a sleep schedule and added a mood stabilizer. I'm not one to rely too heavily on diagnosis and my goal is to get off some of these meds at some point, if possible.