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Update to the Car Crunching and, of course, more Voldemort drama

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Hi STers, hope everyone had at least a half-way enjoyable holiday.

So..update on the car crunch,, we got the estimate on what it will take to repair the damage to my bumper: 2K, being paid for by osd's gran. Additionally, gran denied osd a birthday present in light of repairing my vehicle. At this point, I'm just glad it's being repaired. I have no interest in what message running and having gran toss money at all of osd's mistakes is sending to osd. Not my problem.

So Voldemort is outta town until Sunday, left last week with Hodor for a, "psychology retreat", in Florida. (Interestingly, I looked up what she was attending for two reasons: 1. I'm nosy and 2. She claimed it would be, "beneficial" to Hodor. Here's the link, seems kinda silly to me: )

Long, stupid story short - Voldemort has already started down the path of name-calling and belittling ysd like she did with osd five or so years ago - dh and I are guessing that Voldey is trying to show off for the Kendoll, since he went on the retreat with them, (shocking!). Yesterday, ysd went to feed and water the animals and returned with two garbage bags of clothes and a giant canvas bag of toiletries and make-up. This weekend should be interesting for them.

Today I registered for classes beginning this fall to finish up my degree; I also indicated that I am open to work study if it is available to me. If not, I will find a part-time job this Fall/Winter to supplement my trips outta state to see dd and ds. Dh will most likely be working Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I'm making other plans.

I can't even get into how stupid this all is. osd is probably gonna be fired from her job, she hasn't saved ONE PENNY since she started working. I told dh he needs to talk to her and her gran about what osd's living situation will be once she graduates because staying with us is not an option. I cannot say that enough. This is the other reason I am getting a second job, if osd isn't made to move out by the time she finishes high school, I WILL get an apartment of my own. I've already started looking and can absolutely afford one, closer to work with no issues.

Questions, comments, suggestions, welcome as usual and thanks for reading!


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hahahaha...feel good crap....

Really, I hope it doesn't come to me having to get my own place, holy shit though, I've had it with the dramz. Osd has some SERIOUS issues, just like Voldemort and I'm just not willing to deal with it longer than dh is legally obligated to provide for her.

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Thanks again! Sometimes I dream of having my own place, I know it would break dh's heart, however he also understands that osd has some serious mental/emotional issues and everything he has tried sticks for a bit, then she backslides into her insanity - some of which is just typical teenage stupidity, the other stuff though...holy shit man.

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This is EXACTLY what is happening with her! She is CONSTANTLY raging about how much she HAAAATTTEEESSSS Voldemort, yet she acts just like her in SOOOO many ways.

Dd is only here for the summer, and this is the first one. However I'm not willing to go through this again with any of the skids. This shit gets corrected yesterday, otherwise I'm happy to be married and live in my own place and wait for these little psychos to age outta the home.

Not sure how much more of osd's ish dh is willing to deal with though, it's really getting rough for him.

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Oh ysd grabbed as much stuff as she could from Voldemort's lair because she has no intention of going back there after being called a slew of names *again* and having Voldemort try to force ysd to meet *another* boyfriend. It's the same thing that happened with osd, exactly the same way, got SUPER OUTTA hand; Voldemort called her 14 y/o daughter a C U Next Tuesday, osd hasn't spoken to Voldemort since last Xmas and has lived with dh exclusively for the past 2.5 years.

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LOL it's cool, lots of days my brain is fried to and I have to ask, "who may I say is calling?" three times before I can transfer the call. Blum 3

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Car...thats great it is being fixed.

Retreat...hey, any thing that might be helpful is good. Even goofy looking retreats. And it does look a little goofy.

School...keep going, your almost done!! Smile

Kid....she needs to save some money. She should be giving your DH a percentage of her money so he can make sure she saves some. He can put it a savings account for her.

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Thanks! He can see her account, not sure how the money thing works as far as his being able to access her account to save money. She's been employed for two months, I think he was trying to give her the chance to save on her own. Obviously it's not working out lol, not sure how he's gonna handle that one - she's back-sliding again right now - they can fight about the money on their own, I'm staying out of it.

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Oh wow, I bet that fruity tooty retreat isn't cheap but BM probably bitches about being broke, huh? (Sorry, maybe I'm projecting...)

Anyway, I'm glad your car is being fixed as long as you aren't paying for it. I do think it's good that gran refused to give osd a birthday gift since she paid the repair bill, it's more of a consequence than I figured she'd get.

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Girl I was SHOCKED that gran didn't send osd a DIME for her birthday. This is actually pretty positive since, in the past, gran covers EVERYTHING and her darling grand-daughter has zero faults and consequences. I realize that this sort of thing only goes so far, but I'll take what I can get at this point lol

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Ewwwwww ewwwwww ewwwwww

That's just what she needs! A BM to come back as a cult member. Wow. This will be interesting.

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YUP. I was reading about this too and watched a couple of the videos and was taken aback.

As far as I know she doesn't cry about money: 2015 Infinity SUV, five bedroom house on a cul-de-sac backing up to forest preserve property with a 35K office built over the two car garage, a purebred French bully, a purebred English bully, a Vespa, 2K yearly membership to a local yoga facility, regular Lulu Lemon shopping and 600$/month in child support for the two kids she has HALF this time - she doesn't provide insurance, gets things like driver's ed paid for by dh - per court order. The only thing he got to keep was his, (partial), sanity and his pension.