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Update to Blog Hogging/SD car anxiety

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Here's the original post...

Sorry it took so long to respond, more Voldemort drama from afar last night so the car thing didn't even come up lol.
Then this morning a THREE HOUR MEETING.

Both of these things were totally unnecessary.

Okay so dh has told her several times that she isn't using the car ever. She is either too stupid to get it or seriously doesn't give a shit. Either way, she keeps asking, (except for last night), and keeps getting told no. I guess she figures if she keeps asking, eventually she will get a yes. That and I really do believe that she likes being nasty to people, like truly ENJOYS causing other humans as much misery as possible.

I want to thank everyone again for taking the time to respond and give suggestions and just for reading the post. Like I commented to Tommar yesterday, reading responses from you guys truly does help me gain perspective.

I forgot who asked about offering to drop her off at a friend's place: she's such a psycho-drama-queen even that would get some kind of overly-dramatic, unnecessarily sarcastic, idiotic response from her that I don't even bother with that.

It's literally like talking to an angry, entitled, Solo cup....but even more frustrating.


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I'd actually love to be a fly on the wall at just one day of that thing to see what kind of weirdness HARRY PALMER is selling those daft souls. Harry Palmer...seriously, that's what the guy calls himself. SMDH.

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That was me who suggested dropping her off at a friends. I get how that can turn into drama too. It would probably take 15 calls/texts to set the time and the then another 10 calls/text to change the drop off location another 10 times. Probably more trouble than it is worth!

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DEFINITELY more trouble than its worth!

Not to mention she's short on friends and when I say short on friends, I mean she has ONE actual friend and that kid is a fucking loser.