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Another update, stuff from while I was outta town

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So last December ysd was 14 at the time. She wanted to get her nose pierced, dh was fine with it so was bm....until bm found out that osd, ysd and I were going together then it was NOT OKAY according to Voldemort. BM cited that ysd was too young and needed to wait and that was it. Okay fine. Fast forward to April of this year, ysd turns 15 and rather than letting the original plan go on, Voldemort sneaks ysd off to get her nose pierced. Osd and I are disheartened, but let it go and run off to get our noses pierced a month or so later.

Fast forward again to this past weekend, ysd15 gets into an argument with osd and decides to go back to her moms after hanging out with her friends. Dh called Voldemort to confirm that she was okay with this plan, (it was his day with ysd), Voldemort says yes its fine.

TWO MOTHER FUCKING A.M. my phone rings because Voldemort is drunk and can't drive and ysd needs a ride home and, of course, Voldey couldn't drive. THIS BITCH.

Let me back up a second here:
1. I've told dh that his kids should NOT have the option of picking and choosing where they want to stay.
2. Voldemort should have told ysd that she already had plans and to stay with her dad because it was his day OR not gotten fucking hammered since she knew 8 hours prior that her 15 y/o would be coming back to her place.

Okay back to the original point...(I know it was a super roundabout way to get here), dh actually had to call Voldemort and tell her that she was NOT to LEASE A CAR FOR THE FIFTEEN YEAR OLD THAT COULDN'T GET HER NOSE PIERCED IN DECEMBER. Voldemort's stupidity NEVER ceases to amaze and astound me.

End result:
1. ysd = grounded
2. ysd = no car
3. princess doesn't get to pick and choose where she wants to stay anymore

EDIT: What I was really trying to get across was that Voldemort deemed ysd too young for a tiny nose piercing but is okay with leasing a car for her less than a year later and the kid is not even old enough to drive on her own, not even a permit yet.


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Not to mention that osd is 17, has all A's, one high B and is working 35+ hours a week over the summer to save for a car. Dh imparted my words to Voldemort this weekend, "You're estrangement from our daughter does not negate your financial obligation to her. You aren't gonna get ysd a car just to punish osd."

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Ysd and I have our septums pierced, it can come in and out pretty much like a regular earring; mine doesnt have the little beads on the ends because I need to hide it for work lol. Ysd has the little beads since she's still young enough for there not to be any job consequences. The standard nose piercings can be changed pretty easily after a little practice, almost like a regular earring. Blum 3 None of us have large gauges or anything like that though. Smile

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hahahhaaa I use my pinkies! You also have to elongate your face to hide and unhide it lol
It's super awkward at first then you just kinda get the hang of it; lots of people will also just go back to a shop and have the piercer change the jewelry for them when they get a new piece.