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Voldemort and Hodor update

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So this morning osdstb17 forwards me a text from Voldemort stating that she would like to take osd out for her b-day and spend some time with her. This is after MONTHS of NO CONTACT, other than osd sending Voldey a text about ysd smoking pot, (and calling her an idiot). To say that this is a contentious relationship is the understatement of the millennium. Osd's answer was, "no thanks", which is great because usually she takes any opportunity to carry on about what a horrible mother Voldemort is. (She really has done some very serious, mental and emotional damage to all three skids).

This follows last night when Voldey sent dh yet another text asking if he can keep the two younger skids for a week while she attends, (another), training in Florida. His answer was no, that ss9 cannot stay with us for that entire time because dh has to work and ss is, ONCE AGAIN VOLDEMORT, not permitted at our place unless dh is home. She then asks to take ss with her to said seminar, because, "she thinks ss might really benefit from it". Oh yes Voldemort, that's why you FIRST asked if he could stay at our place for seven days. Mm-hmm. My guess is that she's going with the Ken-doll since this past weekend didn't quite work out like she wanted. And ysd wants NOTHING to do with ANY of the men Voldemort brings home, ss is only 9 so he has no choice.

On top of all this, both ss' are speaking to their maternal grandmother again. This is a GIANT SECRET because the maternal grandmother wants N O T H I N G to do with Voldemort. IF Voldemort found out the girls are talking to her, she would not only lose her shit, she would probably disallow ysd from talking to granny. Granny is coming into town soon and the girls are gonna have lunch with her. Oy vey.

Overall, dh is on-board and being uber -supportive about the not leaving ss and dd together in a room, alone, at all. This past weekend, we pretty much just found little things to do so that dh could spend time with the little psycho, without making it look excluding. Dh is headed in to talk to Hodor's therapist this week and see what else can be done. For me, (please be aware that I do NOT act on my feelings towards this kid, AT ALL), Hodor makes my skin crawl, I can't stand the sound of his voice and I don't even want to sit in the same room with him. However I'm kind yet curt with him and have stopped going above and beyond; just sticking to the basics as far as doing anything for Hodor goes: laundry, cooking meals for the family, etc.

Just wanted to get this stuff out there..hope you're all having a good Monday, I plan on poking around the site to see what everyone is up to after lunch. Thanks for reading!


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It sounds like your DH is trying hard to do all the right things. That's great. Glad to hear Ss was kept away from your daughter.

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Thanks! It's kind of a cycle of me feeling bad for the kid and also knowing that his parents have to take care of his issues. I'm really proud of dh and I'm happy that I managed to partner up with someone so cool and willing to listen!

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The search went's the cost that's killin' me lol Thanks for asking! In the meantime, ysd will be over when dh is off and will be sitting with dd whenever dh is supervising ss. Additionally, dh and I worked out that at not time during when he is off, is there an excuse for ss to be unsupervised, other than when dh has to use the lav at which point ysd will be in the living room with dd and ss will be in our bedroom until dh is done. That's the best we've come up with since karate and camp are so expensive.