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O/T: It’s coming - Mother’s Day and the toxic MIL

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Or... bio Mom.

Three years ago I stopped acknowledging my MIL on Mother’s Day. I stopped attending any brunch or lunch FIL, MIL’s #1 flying monkey, invited us to. 

I started perfecting the art of skirting around putting myself in the position to accept any sort of gift from her, because she only does it for herself (she’s an altruistic narcissist of the worst kind. It’s sickening), after all - not me.


Mayday: skid will be here soonish

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May 1st is generally when it settles in me that skid will be here soon.

Per her school calendar, May 30th is the last day of school, but in true BM form, skid isn’t allowed to finish out the year, with the rest of her peers, because BM wants skid outta there. 

Probably even more so this year, because BM is due to have a baby any day now.

Hear ye, Hear ye: BM is pregnant

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And I’m secretly beside myself with fricking joy that she’s going to tie herself down with another child she cannot be bothered to be a mom to - in the verb sense, not just the noun sense, being the GUBM that she is. I only found out because we share an acquaintance, and said acquaintance posted a picture on Instagram taken at BM’s baby shower.

Then again, maybe second time will be a charm and a breeze and all that jazz for her.


O/T: Hi! I’ve missed you!

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I think of you guys often and miss getting on ST daily. 

We moved a month ago and I feel like we’re finally settling in enough to take a breather. 

The last 30 days have been SO hectic. Lots and lots of cleaning. Trips to Lowe’s. Trips to IKEA. Kitchen demolition/renovation/evicting the squirrel that had access to our attic from a small hole on the outside siding, and having workers all up in my space for the better part of a week. Painting the entire interior of the house. Planning our garden and getting our raised garden beds ready. 

O/T: A few of my favorite things

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1) For my fellow Hugh Laurie fans - there’s a great show on Hulu called Chance. Based off of a book of the same name. Only 2 seasons, but it has a great suspenseful noir feel.

2) Wine, of course. Espiral Vinho Verde. It’s CHEAP and reminds me of summer. At a low 9% and a lot of sparkle you can easily enjoy the whole bottle, or cut it with sparkling apple or cranberry cider and add some fresh fruit. So yummy. I get it at Trader Joe’s.

3) Trader Joe’s Vegan Kale, Cashew, and Basil Pesto. It came out late last year and it’s my latest new food find favorite.

ST Anniversary // BM’s wedding day

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As of today, I’ve been on Step Talk for 2 years. Boy, does time fly.

Ironically, today is also BM’s wedding day to marry dudebro. I doubt BM getting married will change ANYTHING. I’m optimistic like that - or pessimistic - depending how you look at it. DH and I also find it strange because we’re 99% sure there will be no more children in BM’s future. Skid is enough of a cramp in her style already.

Has the BM in your life remarried? How did that work out?

Bon Voyage, skid!

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I hope this weather doesn’t prevent skid from flying home tomorrow. It has been a long 3 weeks.

We’re currently in the teens with flurries. It’s going to be in the single digits over night, with a high of 21* degrees on Friday. Crossing my fingers her flight doesn’t get cancelled.

O/T: New Year’s Day food

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What are your (family's) New Year's Day food superstitions or traditions?

I grew-up on the west coast in California. Not a New Year’s Day thing for us, but on NYE our tradition was that our door was open to family and friends. We did a large spread of finger foods, usually meats/veggies/dips, and several pots of homemade fondue with San Francisco sourdough bread. No superstitions.

I feel like I’m losing my grip on reality

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... because of DH’s and my in-laws behavior.

Skid JUST showing-up (early) for Christmas visitation? Turns out BM took it upon herself to just book the fight, without coordinating it with DH or his parents, sending skid on her merry way. A quick phone call to the in-laws to pick skid up at the airport, and BM is good to go.

In regards to court-ordered visitation: BM has made herself unreachable. Has not, and will not respond to email/text/phone calls. Must me nice to live in her own universe where no one holds her accountable.

O/T: TV shows

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What are you currently watching, or what have you recently finished that you’d recommend?

Disengagement this time of year is the best. I get all cozy with some wine and all the lights off, but the Christmas tree lights, after I tuck in my littles.

I just finished the first season of Broadchurch (I know, I’m a few seasons late to discovering this show) in 2 days and it is so, SO good!

I also recently finished watching Chef’s Table. It’s a beautiful show if shows about food are your thing.

Both show are on Netflix.