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Birthday mulah

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I have a question. I moved out when I was 17 and never looked back. So this is new territory to me, and honestly SO and I have completely different opinions on the matter (go figure lol).
So as you all know SS21 is very codependent, on ANYONE and everyone, part of that is the addiction stuff, mostly because he's been babied his whole life.
Anyways, his birthday is in a couple weeks and randomly at 1230am this morning SO gets a text stating "id like to know when and how much birthday money I'll be getting because I'm giving it all to my lawyer".

Me again, just an annoyed rant...

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Maybe I'm being childish. You all can tell me if you'd like

BM just got back Monday from Bahamas. She was gone for 8 days. So, as the weekends go, we had the weekend before she left "off" and weekend she was gone "on". No problem I guess. Except that our off weekend was spent carting SS15 around for sports and having him at our place because he didn't want to bother BM for a ride or be at BMs alone without food and cable. (Yes yes she's a real winner)

BM is such f-ing sum, the level of crazy astounds me

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SD and SS went to BIL after Easter for the night. BM out of nowhere offers to drive an hour out of her way to grab them from BIL. Ok?
BM stayed for what seemed like FOREVER talking with BIL and SIL (seemed like forever because this same day SS21 moving in fight and SO was trying to get shoes of BM for more information). Like wtf does she have to talk to them about? All they do is trash her anyways!
I know I know I sound like a jealous little girl.

Need fuel and wisdom for argument sure to come later ...

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SO is a lying POS and I honestly feel I really do hate him. The manipulations are making me feel absolutely crazy!

SS21 has been clean since he went to jail, so about 1 year. Can't keep a steady living situation, girlfriend or job, but apparently no drugs. So we assume as that's what he's been saying. Okay whatever, I have no reason not to believe him.

Feeling betrayed by SO

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I did something last night I never ever do. Ever. I snooped through SO's phone while he was in the shower. Not looking for websites or links or some sort of hints that he's cheating. I knew what I was looking for and went straight to his conversation with his Ex wife. SO and I have a lot of trust issues regarding their "relationship" and something he wouldn't tell me last week sparked my curiosity.

Need advice ...AGAIN surprise surprise junkie SS at it again

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SS20 JUST got his phone back from BM approximately 6 hours ago now (which was THE dumbest thing she may have done to date thus far) and in that time disappeared for over 2 hours ... where did he go?

Well his first response to daddy's texts were "walked to the gas station to get some air and something to eat" ... to which SO responded by driving to said gas station to find no sign of SS. SHOCKER. SO proceeded to text SS to which he got not further replies.

I REALLY need advice

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So I'm throwing SO this HUGE HUGE party in 3 1/2 weeks. He's turning 40 and it's a milestone birthday ... so I've been sneaking around and planning for MONTHS! I'm so so excited because I've gone so far as to creep the hell out of his fb and invite all his old high school friends! I've invited over 100 of his family and friends and I've been ordering custom stuff for months. Custom nip bottles, beer coozies, invitations, and even custom decorations with his pics or personal messages on them.

SS20 is out today ... free to run right back to heroin

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OF COURSE no one was proactive in getting him into a facility as soon as he was to be released from the hospital. BMommy dearest has so graciously offered for him to stay at her house until things are figured out. Perfect place for a drug addict with no intention of quitting because she's a "recovering" alcoholic (who recently began partying and drinking again) who is NEVER home to take care of SS13 and SD12 let alone now junkie SS20! Congratulations moty! You just killed your son!