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BM is such f-ing sum, the level of crazy astounds me

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SD and SS went to BIL after Easter for the night. BM out of nowhere offers to drive an hour out of her way to grab them from BIL. Ok?
BM stayed for what seemed like FOREVER talking with BIL and SIL (seemed like forever because this same day SS21 moving in fight and SO was trying to get shoes of BM for more information). Like wtf does she have to talk to them about? All they do is trash her anyways!
I know I know I sound like a jealous little girl.
So anyways today SO stops at his parents and they suddenly bring up some "random info" that's extremely personal and impunes my character, parenting, and is an utter lie. They also refuse to say who told them. He tells them its bologna and apparently they drop it.

Mind you I'm FUMING. First off, I will not have my character called into question without a source and someone coming DIRECTLY to me. Second, why the F would BIL not just go directly to SO about something as sensitive and outrageous as this!? Instead he chose to spread it around his Fing family, once again! And third, why the F would he even believe a word BM says!?

All this and do you know what big brave my knight in shining armor SO has done?? NOTHING. Fing nothing. He texted BM who simply denies saying it and states, in her usual I'm so guilty but pretend I could care less way, that she has no interest in my life or business.
SO being the fricken hero that he is ends it with that and vows to no longer speak to BIL. Well jeepers mister thanks a heap! You're my fucking hero.

I could physically hurt his wuss ass right now.

But here's the kicker, the story BM is spreading is actually about her and 100x worse!! I could spill so much nasty shit on the dirty drunken whore and she chooses to stoke the fucking fire??

Oh and SO is of course saying I can't say anything because of poor skids. F skids. F him. F this nasty see you next Tuesday.


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I realized my MIL was talking about me behind my back and taking SD28 word for everything back in Dec. I haven't spoken to her since. She likes to raise drama and then stop speaking to the person that she upset, like she is the jilted one. So I let her. Then, after she missed my first son's birthday but tried to invite herself to my second son's a month later I was like: Hold the phone... you will not play favorites, you missed one birthday, you miss all of them for the year. I made DH relay the message.

Ahh, the silence is bliss.

Don't let people who want to murder your happiness into your life.

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Remember the following:

be proud when people talk about you, it means they notice what a good person you are and they want to destroy that - worry about it when people stop talking about you - then you are no longer taking over their minds...

laugh it off

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Meh, BM used to spread gossip about me that was truer for her character, I got tired of it after a while and started sharing her life with people. She quickly came to me with the "I don't understand why we can't get along and you can't be an adult" People don't like it when you fight fire with fire. After a while though, I realized it really did just make me look just as bad as she was. I don't regret responding back finally, it made her stop but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else.

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Do you think your in-laws believe the stuff that BM is saying about you?

I generally have never cared what BM says about me. She is nothing to me, neither is anybody who would believe what she has to say. She has said her fair share to my in-laws about DH and I both, but they know what she is like so I don't worry about it. If they want to believe it, that's on them. They are not a big part of my life, anyway.

My favorite was her telling DH's family that our niece, my sister's daughter, is actually my DH's kid.

We can counter the lies with the truth but people will believe what they want, and they will gossip if they want. DH will always defend my honor, and his own, as well, but it gets old even having to. His own family should know better. We just got to point that we laughed it off because, honestly, BM just sounded ridiculous.